Home News Meta AI Chatbot Arrives on Instagram and Messenger in India

Meta AI Chatbot Arrives on Instagram and Messenger in India

Meta AI Chatbot Arrives on Instagram and Messenger in India

Meta’s AI chatbot, Meta AI, has begun appearing for select Instagram and Messenger users in India. This rollout expands on an earlier test phase and hints at a wider future release within the country. Meta AI is powered by a large language model (LLM) and is designed to offer conversational responses, generate different content formats, and answer complex queries.

Meta AI’s presence in India aligns with the country’s status as one of Meta’s largest user bases across its suite of platforms. Like similar conversational AI models, Meta AI can provide summaries, engage in conversations about a variety of subjects, translate languages, and craft different creative text formats, such as poems, scripts, musical pieces, and code.

One of Meta AI’s unique features is image generation. Users can request images by providing descriptions, such as “a photo of a cat wearing a hat.” To help distinguish AI-generated content, Meta will include an “Imagined with Meta” watermark on such images.

It’s important to note some limitations. Meta AI is likely to struggle with nuanced or complex requests that require specialized knowledge. The company also prohibits prompts that request the generation of images involving real people.

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“Meta AI can generate responses, translate between languages, write different kinds of creative text formats, and answer your questions in an informative way, even if they are open-ended,” stated Meta in a recent announcement about the chatbot.

However, there are limitations. Similar to other AI chatbots, Meta AI cannot create images of real people and will include an “Imagined with Meta” watermark on its image creations. This is to ensure clarity about the origin of the AI-generated images.

Meta’s expansion of Meta AI into the Indian market is part of a larger trend in the tech industry. AI-powered chatbots and LLMs are gaining popularity, with companies like Google and OpenAI also developing advanced systems. This new technology has the capacity to streamline tasks and offer novel ways to interact with apps and online platforms.

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