Home News Meta Quest Will Soon Let You Watch Netflix from Its Web Browser

Meta Quest Will Soon Let You Watch Netflix from Its Web Browser

Meta Quest Will Soon Let You Watch Netflix from Its Web Browser

Meta is expanding the entertainment capabilities of its Quest VR headsets by enabling users to stream Netflix directly from its web browser. This new feature is part of Meta’s continuous effort to enhance the virtual reality experience for its users, making the Quest headsets not just gaming devices but also powerful tools for media consumption.

How to Watch Netflix on Meta Quest

To watch Netflix on Meta Quest, users need to download the Netflix app from the Meta Quest store. Once installed, users can log in to their Netflix account and start streaming. The app provides a straightforward interface where users can browse through movie posters, search for TV shows or movies, and select from available options. The app supports playback in 480p resolution, which may not match the high-definition experience on traditional screens but offers a unique, immersive viewing environment in VR.

Expanding Content Access

Meta Quest’s ability to stream Netflix adds to its repertoire of supported streaming services. Users can also stream content from platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ through the Meta Quest browser. While these services do not have native VR apps, they can still be accessed and enjoyed in a VR environment, albeit with some limitations in resolution and interface functionality.

For instance, Amazon Prime Video can be accessed through its VR app, but many users find it more reliable to log in via the browser. Disney+ does not yet have a native VR app, but users can log in and stream directly from the browser.

Enhancing the VR Experience

The move to support Netflix streaming in VR is part of Meta’s broader strategy to turn its Quest headsets into versatile entertainment hubs. This development follows Meta’s partnership with NBC Universal, which brings thousands of hours of content from NBC’s Peacock streaming service to the Meta Quest platform. Users can expect a variety of content, including TV shows, movies, and live sports, to be accessible through the VR headsets.

The Future of VR Streaming

Meta’s efforts to enhance content streaming in VR indicate a significant shift towards making VR headsets a central entertainment device. By providing access to popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Meta is positioning its Quest series as not only gaming devices but also comprehensive entertainment systems. This aligns with Meta’s vision of creating a more immersive and interconnected virtual reality ecosystem.


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