Microsoft halts manufacturing of last Windows RT tablet, Nokia Lumia 2520

Microsoft has announced that it would no longer manufacturer Nokia Lumia 2520. The news is of great significance because it is the last device Microsoft had announced that runs on Windows RT.

Earlier reports indicate that Microsoft has also pulled the plug on its Surface 2 tablet which also runs on Windows RT, a tablet-friendly version of the operating system.

Windows RT was a scaled-down version of Windows 8 operating system, which was a major release after Windows 7. Amid growing market of tablet and hybrid devices, Microsoft released Windows RT for the first time that was specially designed to work with devices that are powered by an ARM processor. The specialty of Windows RT was that it could run on low hardware in an energy-efficient way.

However, there were significant differences between Windows RT and the full version of Windows 8 such as the inability to install legacy .exe software and so on. That confused a lot of people in deciding whether to get a Windows RT device or a Windows full version. Microsoft paid the price of the massive confusion with $900 million loss on its RT-equipped Surface tablets back in 2013.

After poor sales performance of Windows RT devices, the company just made the announcement that it will stop the manufacturing of the last tablet device running on Windows RT.

The news comes amid growing interest about the Redmond-based company’s upcoming version of Windows with tons of new feature and a dedicated voice search assistant. But the company said customers who still want to get themselves a Nokia Lumia 2520,, they should search in Microsoft Stores and third-party retailers and resellers who might still have some units left in the stock.

After that, no new Nokia Lumia 2520 will ever see the light of day.

Microsoft had taken over the sales of Nokia Lumia devices after it acquired Nokia’s mobile hardware division back in 2014. The phones have since been renamed to Microsoft Lumia.

Microsoft did say that RT isn’t totally dead yet. Its Surface Pro lineup will receive update to Windows 10. Surface tablets that run on Windows RT will also receive update that will borrow some functionality from Windows 10. All in all, the company said it is working on an update for Windows RT.

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