Microsoft launches affordable Lumia 435 and 532 to gain market dominance

Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) yesterday unveiled two new smartphones within affordable range with an aim to push sales of Windows phones to a multitude of users across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

The idea of Microsoft is to reach out to the impregnable areas where it had minimal exposure, where people intend to buy fewer than other competitors.

The two brand new Lumia handsets are launched at prices starting 69 to 79 Euros (or $81 to $93). Lumia series is a flamboyant product of the Finland-based Nokia, which was taken over by Microsoft in FY 2014.

The company sought the easiest way out to improve its user base – lower the prices of the newly launched product yet provide exquisite features as per the market rate in a competitive vein.

The cooperative Vice President at Microsoft commented that the dual launches are aimed at bringing devices to as many users possible across the globe!

Both the smartphones run on Windows 8.1 operating system. A 30 GB of free cloud storage will be offered; besides, applications like Word, Outlook for emailing purposes and, Skype are installed under the purview of the Office Suite in both these phones.

Lumia 435 is not so expensive, certainly the lesser of the two, and has a fair 4 inches display screen. The front camera present is a modest one, of 2MP.

In contrary, Lumia 532 is better placed in terms of possessing a powerful camera. Besides, the phone has ready access to high-speed networks. Dual SIM option is also commonplace in Lumia 532.

It’s mere competition that drove Microsoft to launch such cheap Lumia variants. Sometime in 2014, Google had announced its keenness to sell off smartphones, each valued lesser than $100 to boost the prominence and sales of Android-based smartphones.

Microsoft’s latest launches are deemed to create a fad amongst users and gain market dominance.

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