Microsoft to release new build of Windows 10 with new features at Build 2015 Event on April 29

A new build of Windows 10 operating system is on its way according to a recent announcement made by Microsoft. However, its details are still vague because it is still not completely stable for use in day-to-day operations. Nevertheless, it is aimed at the more advanced user as well as for trial on non-production systems; hence it brings on board new features and enhancements.

The outlined new security mechanism in Windows 10 dubbed Device Guard has an extra layer of defense around the operating system to prevent any malware compromising a PC.

Some of these new features and improvements include:

  • The tweaking of Windows 10’s Start menu is the first thing you notice upon booting build 10061. It’s been made bigger having been moved, from one “fat column” of apps to two which gives it a closer feel to that of Windows 8’s Start screen.
  • The power button is now on the lower-left corner unlike where it was previously; the upper-right corner of the Start menu.
  • A black system theme has been added which travels diagonally to the Start menu then the taskbar, and to the Action Center. There is also some transparency on the Start Menu and taskbar. The transparency effect is opaque enough hence your background will not interfere with the actual navigation.
  • The new Mail and Calendar apps are easy to notice. You can be able to add a custom image background courtesy of the three-pane design introduced by the Mail app. Unlike what is known with Windows 8 Calendar app, this particular one boasts of more color and contrast.
  • Windows 10 build 10061 has brought back Solitaire, which had been banished in Windows 8.
  • A new “Contact Support” app has been added to Windows 10 build 10061. If you run into trouble, it will point you out towards resolutions. It is possible to chat online with Microsoft agents or even schedule a support call.

“There is much more that Windows 10 has to offer in terms of performance. This has resulted to more customers’ choosing on Microsoft in an effort to transform and grow their businesses,” Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella, said.

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