Home News Minosha Debuts RICOH Production Printers and Experience Centre

Minosha Debuts RICOH Production Printers and Experience Centre

Minosha Debuts RICOH Production Printers and Experience Centre

Minosha India Ltd. has launched two new RICOH digital color presses, the Pro C9500 and Pro C7500, alongside the opening of their Customer Experience Centre in New Delhi. The presses aim to address the current market demands and anticipate future business needs, offering advanced technologies and automation to enhance productivity and quality. The Customer Experience Centre is designed to showcase these new models, allowing potential users to engage directly with the products.

Key Highlights:

  • Launch of RICOH Pro C9500 and Pro C7500 digital color presses.
  • Inauguration of Minosha Customer Experience Centre for live product demonstrations.
  • Systems designed for automation, predictability, and high-quality output.
  • Presses support a wide media range, aiming to expand business opportunities.
  • Features include high-speed printing, large paper capacity, and inline finishing options.
  • New Fiery Controllers introduced for enhanced performance and output management.
  • Minosha offers comprehensive support and services, including operator training and business development.

Minosha Debuts RICOH Production Printers and Experience Centre

Minosha India Ltd. has unveiled the RICOH Pro C9500 and RICOH Pro C7500 digital color presses, addressing the need for adaptable and innovative printing solutions in today’s market. These systems are complemented by the simultaneous opening of the Minosha Customer Experience Centre, which allows customers to explore and test the new products firsthand.

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At the launch, Atul Thakker, Managing Director of Minosha India Ltd., emphasized the strategic importance of the new printers, saying, “The RICOH Pro C9500 and RICOH Pro C7500 aren’t just printers; they’re a step towards the future of business printing. We are introducing products that transform the printing landscape, enhancing efficiency and quality.”

Koji Miyao, President of Ricoh Graphic Communications, remarked on the partnership with Minosha, highlighting the printers’ innovative leap in technology. He stated, “The RICOH Pro C9500 and RICOH Pro C7500 offer businesses the tools they need for success in the current and future market scenario. Our collaborative efforts with Minosha are aimed at providing enterprises with superior capabilities and quality.”

The RICOH Pro C9500 and RICOH Pro C7500 are positioned as advanced tools that utilize state-of-the-art technology to support businesses in various printing tasks. They feature automation and predictability, with a strong emphasis on maintaining consistent quality. The machines support a wide media range, from lightweight to heavy stock, enabling them to cater to diverse printing requirements.

With their robust and user-friendly design, the presses can manage high monthly volumes and are equipped with auto duplex and perfecting capabilities. This contributes to a reduction in manual intervention and increased productivity.

Transitioning to the practical benefits for businesses, the presses are described as scalable and intelligent, addressing common industry challenges such as labor shortages. They facilitate the transition from traditional offset to digital printing, maintaining quality in demanding production environments.

In terms of performance, the RICOH Pro C9500 and RICOH Pro C7500 stand out with their high-speed printing capabilities. The Pro C9500 can achieve speeds of up to 135 pages per minute, while the Pro C7500 can reach up to 95 pages per minute. Additionally, these models allow for on-the-fly toner replacement and boast a high maximum paper capacity.

The presses also introduce new Fiery Controllers, improving the handling of complex files and maximizing daily output. The range of supported media types is extensive, accommodating creative applications from flyers to packaging.

For in-house finishing, the new printers offer efficient and cost-effective solutions, enhancing the overall printing process with automation to reduce manual errors and increase turnaround speed.

Minosha’s launch is not limited to the machines but extends to the overall user experience, which is geared towards intuitive operation and intelligent management. The systems are designed to be user-friendly, and Minosha provides comprehensive services to support customers, including training and business development assistance.

In conclusion, the launch of the RICOH Pro C9500 and Pro C7500 by Minosha India Ltd. marks a significant advancement in digital printing technology. Their efforts to provide a comprehensive experience through the Customer Experience Centre reflect a commitment to supporting businesses in their journey toward growth and innovation in the printing industry.

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