Minosha India Ltd. Introduces New Laser Printers for Hybrid Workplaces

Minosha India Limited, in collaboration with Ricoh, has launched a new range of laser printers for the Indian market. The product lineup is divided into two segments: Mono and Colour. These printers are designed to cater to the diverse needs of modern offices, emphasizing productivity, quality, and security. All printers in this range come with Wi-Fi connectivity and offer comprehensive onsite services, including a smart device connector, remote device manager, and a network of national service partners. The starting price for this range is Rs 30,000/- in India.

Key Highlights:

  • Two segments: Mono and Colour
  • Wi-Fi enabled printers with comprehensive onsite services
  • Starting price: Rs 30,000/- in India


Mono Segment:

  • RICOH P 311 (Single Function Printer): Features a 4-line operation LCD display panel with print speeds up to 32 ppm. It includes security features such as the Locked Print function and network encryption. The printer has a yield of 7000 pages in the initial cartridge and a print resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi.
  • RICOH M 320F (Multiple Function Printer): Equipped with a 4.3” colour touch panel, this printer offers versatility. It includes an Automatic Reversing Document Feeder (ARDF) and multiple Scan-to capabilities. The MFP has a yield of 7000 pages in the initial cartridge and a print resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi.

Colour Segment:

  • RICOH P C311W (Single Function): Delivers colour prints at speeds up to 25 ppm. It can be expanded with an optional second paper tray.
  • RICOH M C251FW (Multi-Function): A 4-in-1 printer with a large colour touchscreen panel, Single Pass Document Feeder (SPDF), and security features. It can produce professional colour prints and can be expanded with an optional second paper tray.

Minosha India also showcased RICOH SPACES, a cloud-hosted platform designed to optimize business operations. This platform offers features such as Visual floor plans, Room & Space Booking, Analytics, Desk Booking, Internet of Things, Service Requests, Digital Signage, Workplace Automation, Visit Management, and more.

Mr. Atul Thakker, Managing Director – Minosha India Ltd., commented on the launch, emphasizing the company’s commitment to quality and the evolving market dynamics. He also highlighted the strong partnership with Ricoh and their collective aim to introduce products that cater to the Indian market’s needs.

Steven Burger, Vice President / General Manager of Marketing & Technology Center, Ricoh Asia Pacific, discussed the importance of staying updated with technology in India’s market. He emphasized the role of their partnership with Minosha in introducing these new laser printers.

In addition to the product launch, Minosha India recognized its dealer partners by announcing bumper prizes for the highest bookings at the launch event. Mr. Bharat Bambhaniya from Vibrant Infotech, Pune and Mr. Suraj Seth from Vikash Techsec, Ranchi were awarded a Hyundai Exter car each.

Minosha India, established in 1996, has been a significant player in the Indian market for over 27 years. In 2022, the company formed a strategic alliance with Ricoh, enhancing its product and service offerings. This collaboration focuses on integrating Ricoh’s advanced office equipment and digital services, ensuring Minosha remains updated with technological advancements and evolving customer requirements.

Aditi Sharma

With a focus on the latest innovations, Aditi covers emerging technologies and their impact on various industries. Her passion for new tech trends ensures that our readers are always informed about the next big thing.

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