International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) has analyzed that how certain type of technology can make women economically and socially potential, become stronger leaders and to more effectively contribute to their families, communities, and local economies. One such technological advancement is “Smartphones”. The smartphones can sort some of the major issues that women tackle on a regular basis. Also as per research, it is almost impossible for a modern woman to think of one thing and one thing alone for a single moment of time, as their tragically made brains are continuously assaulting their thoughts with an endless amount of reminders, priorities, emotional interpretations, schedule changes, and so on.

Thus, in order to tackle all these and help the modern woman multi-task, some smartphone apps have been designed which would assist them to juggle multiple tasks. Here goes the list:

1. RideSafe:


An issue which has become major in the past few years in the Indian society, women safety is the first and foremost thing that needs attention. Hence, this is currently the best women-safety app. The big difference from other Women Safety Apps is that at the core of RideSafe, sits a state-of-the-art RealTime Route Deviation Detection (R2D2) engine, developed by a team of IIT & BITS graduates. You just have to enter where you are headed to, whenever taking any cab or auto, and rest is taken care of by the app. If the driver deviates from the intended route, the algorithm detects this in real-time and alerts you & your family and friends.

Price: Free
Download here

2. Companion:

companion app

With some different features, Companion is a revolutionary app designed for safety. This app allows you to enter your destination and then select contacts to be your “companions”, and they can follow your route home via a live map. It tries to guess the distress, like if you start running, your phone falls to the ground, or you don’t make it to your destination on time, you’ll get a message asking if everything is OK — if you don’t respond in 15 seconds, the app alerts your companions. This app also includes features to call police or give a heads up about unsafe conditions — therefore making it the ultimate app for avoiding uneasiness when walking home alone.

Price: Free
Download here

3. Amazon:


Next in line is something almost every woman loves- shopping. To satisfy the shopaholic in you, how about apps that satisfy your need on the go? Apps like Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeal can be considered best for this purpose. However, Amazon provides the best online shopping prices and deals, making shopping easier and convenient.

Price: Free
Download here

4. Period Tracker:


This app provides a menstruation cycle calculator that helps to keep a tab on the visits your monthly friend pays. It calculates the number of days left for your next cycle, mood swings, intensity of cramps, body ache, and also tells you the time of ovulation.

Price: Free
Download here

5. HealthifyMe:


Since every modern woman is keen to remain fit and healthy, this app keeps a check on the food (and calories) that you have. A healthier lifestyle has never hurt anyone, we believe. It acts as your personal coach, getting you to eat healthier, lose weight and get fitter. World’s First Indian Fitness Tracker, it is one of the most helpful apps when it comes to health and fitness.

Price: Free

6. Daily Yoga:


Yoga has been proven to be good for mental and physical health, and it keeps you super fit. Women (or anyone) can and should practice yoga on a daily basis to stay fit. This app features 50+ yoga sessions, 500+ yoga poses, 18 background music as well as HD Videos and live voice instructions. The app gives the option to select any daily yoga program: for hips, back, abs, legs, waist, etc. Women will also find yoga poses to help them through the red week. When it comes to yoga, the Daily Yoga app can become your go-to guide

Price: Free

7. Uber/Ola/Meru:


If you need a cab to go to office, a party or back home, you don’t need to call the agencies and wait for someone to come and take your call. Cab apps come to your rescue. Apps from agencies like Uber, Ola, and Meru provide you with options, and you can choose from the cheapest and fastest ones.

Price: Free
Meru: Download here/Ola: Download here/Uber: Download here

8. Evernote:


All those working women who wish to organize all work in a better way would find that Evernote is just the perfect solution for it. It is an app that let you create corporate plans quite easily. But that is not all; it allows users to save important data such as screenshots, images, and notes which are always required by a corporate individual. It also features great data saving ability and can turn out to be the biggest platform for creating presentations on the go.

Price: Free


Women are making increased impact in every field, changing it for better. The above-listed apps can help the modern woman plan better, remain healthy and safe, and manage time and business in a better and more effective manner. So, all you modern ladies, try them out!


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