Home News Noise Achieves 2023 Great Place To Work Certification

Noise Achieves 2023 Great Place To Work Certification

Noise Achieves 2023 Great Place To Work Certification

Noise, a prominent smartwatch and connected lifestyle brand in India, has received the Great Place To Work Certification for the consecutive year (October 2023-2024). This certification underscores the company’s efforts towards fostering a collaborative work culture and emphasizes its dedication to employee satisfaction.

Key Highlights:

  • Noise receives the Great Place To Work® Certification for the year 2023-2024.
  • 89% of Noise employees believe that the company’s management is transparent and approachable.
  • 93% feel that employees are treated equitably, irrespective of race, caste, or sexual orientation.
  • Noise promotes employee well-being with activities like workshops, Zumba classes, and Desk Yoga.
  • The brand has seen a significant workforce expansion in the previous year, with over 30% being women.

Noise Achieves 2023 Great Place To Work Certification

Great Place To Work has a rich history of 30 years in analyzing workplace culture. Their proprietary platform and For All Model aids businesses in evaluating the experiences of every employee, with standout workplaces earning the Great Place To Work Certified recognition.

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During the certification survey for Noise, a significant majority of the workforce lauded the management’s approachability, attributed to their transparency. An impressive 93% felt that there was equitable treatment for all employees at Noise, irrespective of their background. Furthermore, many agreed they found purpose and meaning in their roles at the company.

Amit Khatri, Co-Founder of Noise, shared his thoughts on the achievement: “Our team is fundamental to our growth and success. Witnessing their appreciation for the culture we’ve nurtured is heartening. Their trust motivates us to persistently cultivate a workplace that emphasizes well-being, innovation, and positivity. We understand the significance of satisfied employees for our business’s consistent progress.”

To enhance employee engagement, Noise regularly conducts workshops and special sessions, including Zumba classes and Desk Yoga. The company has also formed an alliance with Good Lives to emphasize holistic well-being and relaxation.

The brand showcases its dedication to gender diversity with over 30% of its workforce being women. With a significant portion of its employees from the millennial and Gen Z demographics, the company enjoys an infusion of fresh perspectives and energy. This diverse team has observed significant growth over the past year, continuously aiming for innovation and success.

In India, the institute collaborates with over 1800 organizations across more than 20 industries annually, helping them shape High-Trust, High-Performance Cultures to achieve consistent business outcomes. Many esteemed leaders from various industries are part of this community, all striving to make India a superior workplace for all.

The Institute’s studies indicate that exceptional workplaces exhibit strong leadership, a consistent employee experience, and steady financial results. Such organizations provide a harmonious experience to all employees, regardless of their role or background. Their leadership champions the idea of creating and upholding a superior workplace environment for everyone.

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