Nokia Brings Back Classic Phones with Modern Upgrades for 2024

Nokia Brings Back Classic Phones with Modern Upgrades for 2024
Nokia updates three iconic phones – 6310, 5310 & 230 – with bigger batteries, new features, and classic charm. Get ready for the 2024 release!

Nostalgia meets modern convenience as Nokia announces the revival of three iconic handsets: the Nokia 6310 (2024), Nokia 5310 (2024), and Nokia 230 (2024). These updated versions of beloved classics retain their core design appeal while boasting thoughtful upgrades for the contemporary user.

HMD Global, the company behind modern Nokia phones, has carefully modernized these classic designs. The Nokia 6310 (2024) gets a boost with a larger 1,450 mAh battery (compared to the 2021 model), a VGA camera with flash, and the convenience of a USB-C charging port. Meanwhile, the Nokia 5310 (2024) boasts a larger screen, an upgraded chipset (Unisoc 6531F), and an improved 1,450 mAh battery, all within a slightly bigger form factor than its predecessor.

These re-imagined classics tap into growing demand for simple, durable, and affordable phones. They’re a refreshing alternative to feature-packed smartphones, appealing to those seeking a digital detox or a reliable backup device. Nokia’s legacy of sturdy handsets and long battery life remains a strong selling point.

This isn’t HMD Global’s first foray into reviving older Nokia models. This latest move demonstrates their commitment to balancing nostalgic appeal with relevant upgrades. It’s a calculated move to cater to diverse user needs across a range of price points.

In addition to the nostalgia factor, these phones appeal to a market segment that favors durability and battery efficiency over the latest smartphone technologies. They serve as reliable secondary phones or primary phones for those who do not need advanced smartphone capabilities. Nokia’s approach not only acknowledges the historical significance of these models but also addresses current consumer demands for sustainability by reducing the need for new raw materials and minimizing electronic waste​

The enduring appeal of classic phones lies in their simplicity and affordability, something Nokia and HMD Global recognize. These refreshed models target users seeking reliable phones for essential communication, those looking for a detox from smartphones, or simply wanting a piece of nostalgia.

While official release dates and pricing are yet to be announced, Nokia fans can expect these reimagined classics to hit shelves in 2024. Given Nokia’s track record, the phones are likely to appeal to markets where affordability and simplicity are priorities.


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