Oakter Launches OAKMETER Smart Meter for Energy Management

Oakter Launches OAKMETER Smart Meter for Energy Management
Oakter launches OAKMETER, a smart meter with real-time data and analytics for improved energy efficiency and to assist India's energy distribution initiatives.

Unlike traditional meters, OAKMETER uses technologies like Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). This allows two-way communication with utility servers, sending real-time data at frequent intervals. Users can monitor their energy usage on mobile devices.

Key Highlights:

  • Replaces traditional energy meters
  • Real-time consumption data and analytics
  • Tamper detection and outage identification
  • Promotes energy efficiency and cost savings

“Sustainable energy is a primary need for our planet in current times… Smart Meters are the solutions to this problem,” stated Shishir Gupta, CEO of Oakter. He highlighted India’s smart meter initiative as a driver behind the product.

Meter Quality and Specifications

OAKMETER has been rigorously tested and meets several quality standards (BIS, CE, RoHS, CBIP 325, CMMI Level 3, and ISO). It offers 4G connectivity for speedy data transfer.

B2B Product with Extensive Support

OAKMETER is intended for utility companies, with Oakter providing a 10-year warranty. Smart meter contracts, including installation, support, and potential financing, are available.

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