OnePlus 12R Receives OxygenOS Update in India with Innovative AI Features

OnePlus 12R Receives OxygenOS Update in India with Innovative AI Features
Experience the new OnePlus 12R update in India! Discover the AI Eraser, app-specific volumes, and more with OxygenOS Improved camera and system stability await!

OnePlus 12R users in India are set to experience enhanced smartphone capabilities with the rollout of the new OxygenOS update. This latest firmware version introduces several user-centric features, improving camera functionalities, app management, and overall system stability.

The highlight of this update is the AI Eraser tool, part of the AIGC Remover feature, which allows users to eliminate unwanted elements from their photos, making images cleaner and more focused. This tool is poised to enhance the photo-editing experience by offering more control over the visual output directly from the device’s gallery.

Furthermore, the update brings a unique app-specific volume control, enabling users to set different volume levels for individual apps according to their preferences. This feature adds a layer of customization that can enhance user interaction with multimedia apps where volume control is frequently adjusted.

The software update also targets enhancements in system stability and has improved USB connection compatibility between the smartphone, PCs, and cars, ensuring a more seamless user experience across devices.

With its IP64 rating, the OnePlus 12R maintains substantial resistance to dust and water, making it a reliable choice for users with active lifestyles or those living in areas with frequent environmental fluctuations.

Another practical addition is the ability to activate the flashlight by holding down the volume button when the screen is off, simplifying its use during low visibility conditions. The update also includes enhancements to the volume bar’s design, ensuring visual consistency across the system.

In addition to these features, the update addresses overall system stability and enhances touch interaction and USB connectivity between the smartphone and other devices like cars and PCs, reflecting OnePlus’s commitment to improving user experience through incremental software enhancements.

The OnePlus 12R’s new update is initially available to a select batch of users, with a broader rollout expected shortly, ensuring that all users can benefit from these advancements soon.

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