Home News OnePlus Introduces New Battery Technology for Longer Life and Faster Charging

OnePlus Introduces New Battery Technology for Longer Life and Faster Charging

OnePlus Introduces New Battery Technology for Longer Life and Faster Charging

OnePlus, the popular smartphone manufacturer, has recently introduced a new battery technology called “Glacier Battery,” promising significant advancements in battery life, charging speed, and overall performance. The technology is set to debut in the upcoming OnePlus Ace 3 Pro in China and is expected to be featured in future flagship models globally.

The Science Behind Glacier Battery

The Glacier Battery technology is a collaborative effort between OnePlus and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL), a major player in the electric vehicle battery industry. This new battery design incorporates silicon-carbon anode technology, achieving a higher energy density of 763Wh/L compared to traditional graphite batteries. This translates to a 23.1% increase in energy density, potentially enabling larger battery capacities within the same physical space.

In addition to the silicon-carbon anode, Glacier Battery utilizes other advanced materials like Low Expansion 2nd Gen Silicon and a 4.53V Positive Electrode Material. OnePlus claims that these materials, combined with a new “voltage stabilization architecture,” contribute to consistent performance, stable output, and prolonged battery life.

Benefits of Glacier Battery

The Glacier Battery technology offers several key advantages for smartphone users:

  • Larger Battery Capacity: The increased energy density allows OnePlus to pack larger batteries into their devices without compromising on thickness or weight. The Ace 3 Pro, for instance, will feature a 6,100mAh battery, significantly larger than the typical 5,000mAh found in many current smartphones.
  • Faster Charging: Glacier Battery supports 100W fast charging, enabling the Ace 3 Pro to charge from 1% to 100% in just 36 minutes, an impressive feat considering the large battery size.
  • Extended Battery Life: OnePlus claims that the Glacier Battery technology will allow phones to retain over 80% of their original battery capacity even after four years of use. This is a significant improvement over current lithium-ion batteries, which typically degrade faster over time.
  • Stable Voltage Supply: The voltage stabilization architecture ensures consistent performance and stable output, even under heavy usage scenarios like gaming or video streaming.

Impact on the Smartphone Industry

OnePlus’s Glacier Battery technology represents a significant advancement in battery technology for smartphones. The promise of larger batteries, faster charging, and longer lifespans could address some of the most common pain points for users, such as the need for frequent charging and concerns about battery degradation.

While the technology is currently limited to the OnePlus Ace 3 Pro in China, its potential impact on the global smartphone market is undeniable. If OnePlus successfully delivers on its promises, other manufacturers will likely follow suit, leading to a new generation of smartphones with longer-lasting and faster-charging batteries.


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