Home News OnePlus Launches The Red Perspective – A Community-Centric Photographic Journey

OnePlus Launches The Red Perspective – A Community-Centric Photographic Journey

OnePlus Launches 'The Red Perspective' - A Community-Centric Photographic Journey

OnePlus, a renowned leader in smartphone innovation, has introduced a unique initiative titled ‘The Red Perspective’. This endeavor not only highlights the capabilities of OnePlus devices but also celebrates the creative expressions of its community members.

Unveiling ‘The Red Perspective’

‘The Red Perspective’ is a project initiated by OnePlus’s Red Cable Club, aimed at fostering a deeper connection within its community. The project revolves around a photographic contest where participants, who are Red Cable Club members, are encouraged to submit their photographs taken with OnePlus devices. This contest provides a platform for users to showcase their photography skills and share their unique perspectives.

Contest Details and Participation

The contest is open exclusively to members of the OnePlus community, who can submit one photograph per participant. These entries must be new and bear the “Shot on OnePlus” watermark, ensuring authenticity and brand alignment. The submission phase is set from October 1 to October 12, with winners being announced on RCC Members’ Day on October 17. Selected photographs will not only be featured in ‘The Red Perspective’ book but also displayed on OnePlus’s official Instagram and the contest site.

Prizes and Incentives

Participants stand a chance to win enticing prizes such as the OnePlus Nord 3 5G, OnePlus Buds Pro 2, and the OnePlus Nord Watch. These rewards are designed to both motivate the community and enhance their OnePlus experience.

A Broader Vision

‘The Red Perspective’ extends beyond a mere contest; it embodies the ethos of OnePlus’s community engagement. The initiative will culminate in a book that not only features winning entries but also includes contributions from professional wildlife photographers and stories from the community, illustrating the diverse and rich perspectives of OnePlus users.

Joining the Red Cable Club

To participate in ‘The Red Perspective’ and other such exclusive events, users must be members of the Red Cable Club, which offers various benefits including special OnePlus Nord, rewards, and access to exclusive OnePlus events.

With ‘The Red Perspective’, OnePlus continues to leverage its technological prowess to build a vibrant and interactive platform for its users, fostering a community that’s driven by creativity and shared experiences. This initiative not only highlights the photographic capabilities of OnePlus devices but also strengthens the bond within the community through shared stories and visuals.


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