OnePlus Partners with IIT Madras to Launch Scholarship Program

OnePlus, in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras), has announced the establishment of the ‘Never Settle’ Scholarship program. This initiative is part of OnePlus’ community engagement and marks its 10-year anniversary. The scholarship will support several undergraduate students at IIT Madras, aiming to foster innovation and academic excellence in science and technology fields.

Key Highlights:

  • OnePlus collaborates with IIT Madras to offer the ‘Never Settle’ Scholarship.
  • The scholarship program is open to new and existing undergraduate students at IIT Madras.
  • Students will be selected based on the Merit-cum-Means criteria set by IIT Madras.
  • The initiative commemorates OnePlus’ 10 years of operations and its commitment to community engagement.

OnePlus Partners with IIT Madras to Launch Scholarship Program

OnePlus has launched a scholarship program in partnership with the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, known as the ‘Never Settle’ Scholarship. This initiative will provide full financial support to several students enrolled in the undergraduate program at IIT Madras.

The program is designed to support students who demonstrate academic excellence and align with the Merit-cum-Means eligibility criteria set by IIT Madras, which will oversee the scholarship review process. This effort is part of OnePlus’ endeavor to contribute to the community that has been pivotal in its growth over the past decade.

Pete Lau, Founder of OnePlus, commented on the collaboration, stating, “Our community has been integral in shaping the brand since its inception. This collaboration with IIT Madras is a significant step in our journey, and we are excited to support the next generation of innovators.” He expressed optimism about continuing the ‘Never Settle’ spirit in future endeavors.

Prof. Mahesh Panchagnula, Dean (Alumni and Corporate Relations) at IIT Madras, welcomed OnePlus’ contribution, emphasizing the scholarship’s role in enhancing the educational opportunities for India’s youth and supporting future innovators in science and technology.

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