OnePlus to Launch First Foldable Smartphone “OnePlus Open” in Overseas Markets


OnePlus is set to introduce its first foldable smartphone in select overseas markets. This new device aims to provide users with a larger display while staying true to the brand’s traditional quality.

Key Highlights:

  • OnePlus and OPPO teams collaborate to create a new foldable smartphone.
  • The phone will feature the popular OnePlus Alert Slider.
  • Significant improvements have been made to the hinge design.
  • The foldable smartphone will prioritize both a larger display and user convenience.


Pete Lau, Founder of OnePlus and Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer of OPPO, facilitated the collaboration between the OnePlus and OPPO teams to combine the strengths of both brands in this new phone. This joint effort comes in the wake of the merger between OPPO and OnePlus in 2021. While OPPO has previously launched two generations of foldable devices, OnePlus is known for devices such as the OnePlus 11.

With the combined expertise of both teams, this new folding phone seeks to appeal to a wide audience across different regions. The joint development aims to capitalize on OPPO’s experience in foldable design and camera technologies, while OnePlus brings to the table its expertise in seamless user experience and hardware performance. The OnePlus Alert Slider, a favorite feature among OnePlus enthusiasts, will be integrated into this new device.

The hinge is a crucial aspect of foldable devices, influencing the device’s space, durability, and lifespan. OnePlus has over six hundred patents related to hinge design and has made notable progress in enhancing the foldable experience. The company has developed 35 patents tailored specifically to the hinge of this new foldable phone. Innovations include a reduction in the number of components in the hinge, resulting in a lighter device, and a 37% size reduction compared to the hinge in the OPPO Find N2. These optimizations aim to provide users with a more enhanced and functional foldable phone experience.

In addressing the user’s requirements for a foldable device, the primary desire is for a more extensive display without compromising on compactness and ease of holding. This new foldable phone promises not only a vast screen experience but also boasts a sleek design, robust camera capabilities, and a seamless user interface. Collaboration with Google is underway to refine app adaptation on the large screen, ensuring an unparalleled app experience for users.

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