OnePlus Watch 2 May Soon Launch in Nord-Inspired Blue Color

OnePlus Watch 2 May Soon Launch in Nord-Inspired Blue Color
OnePlus Watch 2 could get a new blue color option inspired by its Nord series. Learn more about the potential launch in this news article.

The OnePlus Watch 2 could soon see an expansion in its color palette with the introduction of a new blue variant, potentially inspired by the company’s popular Nord smartphone series. Rumors and code references point to this as a likely possibility in the near future, offering more choice for style-conscious consumers.

OnePlus is known for its stylish and affordable smartphones, and the OnePlus Watch 2 has proven a worthy companion device. Currently, the wearable is available in Black Steel and Radiant Steel – sophisticated but relatively neutral colors. The addition of a Nord-inspired blue would inject a playful, vibrant option into the mix, aligning with the Nord series’ reputation for youthful appeal.

OnePlus has an established reputation for offering a range of color options for its smartwatches and smartphones. This new Nordic Blue Edition, if launched, would give potential OnePlus Watch 2 buyers another enticing choice. This aligns with the company’s aim to provide users with a greater degree of personalization for their wearable devices.

Evidence of this new colorway surfaced in code, leaving little room for doubt about its potential existence. While the exact shade of blue is unknown, it’s reasonable to assume it will be in line with the eye-catching blues featured on the OnePlus Nord lineup of phones. If the rumors hold, this Nordic Blue Edition would join the existing colorways for the OnePlus Watch 2.

Interestingly, the arrival of a blue OnePlus Watch 2 could coincide with the launch of a similarly colored OnePlus Nord smartphone. This strategy would provide a cohesive look for consumers who want matching devices. However, it should be noted that the upcoming OnePlus Ace 3V, expected to be rebranded as the OnePlus Nord 4, does not currently have a confirmed blue color variant.

The OnePlus Watch 2 has garnered positive feedback for its health and fitness tracking, long battery life, and overall value proposition. The addition of a distinctive Nord-blue colorway would undoubtedly attract new style-focused buyers who are seeking a smartwatch that complements their smartphone’s aesthetic.

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