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Oppo Collaborates with Google, Microsoft, and MediaTek for AI Innovation; Files Over 5,000 Patents Globally

Oppo Collaborates with Google, Microsoft, and MediaTek for AI Innovation

In a significant stride towards advancing artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Oppo has announced collaborations with tech giants Google, Microsoft, and MediaTek. This collaboration aims to enhance AI capabilities across various devices and platforms, marking a substantial development in the tech industry.

Collaborative Efforts and Innovations

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, Oppo showcased its latest AI-driven innovations, including the new OPPO Air Glass 3. This device integrates Oppo’s proprietary AndesGPT model, enabling generative AI functionalities such as voice assistance and image processing directly through a connected smartphone. The Air Glass 3, weighing just 50 grams, combines advanced functionality with a lightweight design, offering users a seamless AI experience​​.

Google and Microsoft Collaborations

Oppo’s partnership with Google and Microsoft is set to expand the AI ecosystem. With Google, Oppo plans to leverage AI to create smarter user experiences. Oppo devices will feature enhanced functionalities, including integration with Google’s AI tools and services, providing users with improved performance and user interactions.

The collaboration with Microsoft will introduce new AI features, including the integration of Microsoft Copilot. This will allow Oppo smartphone users to generate content, translate text messages, and perform various tasks directly from their devices. This integration highlights Oppo’s commitment to enhancing user experience through collaborative innovation​​.

MediaTek Partnership

In partnership with MediaTek, Oppo is pushing the boundaries of AI in mobile technology. The collaboration focuses on utilizing MediaTek’s AI processors to enhance the performance of Oppo smartphones. At MWC 2024, Oppo demonstrated new features powered by MediaTek’s processors, including advanced image and video processing capabilities that reduce blur and improve frame rates in high-speed cameras​​.

Patent Milestones

Oppo’s dedication to AI research and development is evident in its extensive patent portfolio. As of December 2023, the company has filed over 3,160 patents related to AI. This number has now surpassed 5,000 globally, reflecting Oppo’s relentless pursuit of innovation in AI technology. These patents cover a wide range of AI applications, from smartphone functionalities to AI-driven consumer electronics​.

Establishing the OPPO AI Center

To further its AI ambitions, Oppo has established the OPPO AI Center. This new hub focuses on AI research and development, aiming to drive user-centric exploration of technology and applications. The center will play a pivotal role in integrating AI across Oppo’s product lineup, ensuring that future devices offer cutting-edge AI functionalities​.

Oppo’s collaborations with Google, Microsoft, and MediaTek signify a major step towards creating a robust AI ecosystem. These partnerships not only enhance the capabilities of Oppo’s devices but also contribute to the broader AI landscape by fostering innovation and collaboration. With over 5,000 patents and a dedicated AI center, Oppo is well-positioned to lead the AI revolution in the tech industry.


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