OSRS Hunter Training Guide

Should you be looking to take a break from racking up OSRS gold and slaying demons, a great method of improving your character is to start training Hunter. It can be a profitable venture, but you need to level it up in the right ways for it to be viable in the long run. With that in mind, here are the best Hunter training methods for you to use.

Birdhouse Runs

This is one of the most recognized and common training methods for Hunter. You will need 100 Varrock Museum Kudos, as well as the Dig Site and Bone Voyage in order to start it, but it will certainly be worth your time. Once you have met the requirements, which can be met anywhere between level 5 up to 89, you can start.

This method is essentially like farming for Hunters, and you can collect your earnings around every 50 minutes. If you are running Ironmen, then you can sometimes collect bird nests from the houses. Once you have unlocked them, you can expect to increase your Hunter level very quickly. Once you have hit level 5, performing a birdhouse run will give you 1120XP, which should then elevate your level to 12.

The reason this method is so important to Hunter is that it gives you the chance to skip the slower methods of leveling up. It is a more direct method, so it just depends on whether this is the path that you want to take, but one that is very strongly recommended.

Ruby Butterflies/Copper Longtails

Once you hit level 15, you can then move onto a quicker form of Hunting. You need to get yourself a butterfly net, as well as five butterfly jars and two bird snares, as we are going to be catching Ruby Butterflies and Copper Longtails. Stamina potions are great for a task such as this, and they will go a long way to helping you.

You may have noticed that Copper Longtails offer less XP than the likes of Cerulean Twitches, but ultimately, they are much quicker to be able to catch, especially with the added XP you will be earning form catching butterflies. Either way, you can grind this process out in around half an hour.

Green Swamp Lizards

The previous method can take you up to level 29, after which Green Swamp Lizards will take you all the way to 43. This is done at Morytania swamp, and you will once again be able to accelerate your Hunter XP quickly. With five ropes and small fishing nets for setting up the traps on the trees, you can catch these elusive lizards. Stamina potions will once again be very useful here. You can reach level 43 by catching 253 Green Swamp Lizards, which can be done within an hour.

Spotted Kebbit and Dark Kebbits

This will take you up to level 59, and serves as a quick catching method. This can be done to the south of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, where you can hunt Spotted Kibbits. This will require 500 coins that need to be paid to Matthias so you can hunt here.

You will need to catch 1,471 of the Spotted Kibbits to get yourself from 43 to level 57. Once you have made it to the desired goal, you can gain more XP by catching Dark Kebbits, which will take you up to level 59 once you have caught 339 of them, which should take you under an hour to complete.

Red Salamanders

Catching Red Salamanders works in a similar vein to Green Swamp Lizards. You can find them near Castle Wars, to the south of Ardougne. You can get yourself to level 67 with Red Salamanders by catching 1,104 of them. Provided you do this method, you can complete it in around five hours. You can speed the process up with Birdhouse Runs as we discussed earlier, just remember to use weight-reducing armour to speed things up further.

Red Chinchompas

There are other methods to getting beyond level 63 to max, but arguably the least frustrating way is through Red Chinchompas. They might earn less XP than Black Chinchompas, but what they do provide is a source of steady income, as well as the XP that you crave.

You are able to take this method on from level 63, though the experience rates depend on where you are at level wise. You can train it all the way to level 99 Hunter, which would net you 68,826,240GP, though it would take a fair few hours to do so.

If you are looking to train a skill and earn plentiful OSRS gold at the same time, then the Hunter training is one of the best ways to go. Birdhouse Runs are probably the most essential method for you to train Hunter. Either way, there are plenty of methods to try that will have you leveling up in no time.

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