Home News Philips Introduces ‘Festival Therapy’ at a Starting Price of Rs. 1

Philips Introduces ‘Festival Therapy’ at a Starting Price of Rs. 1

Philips Introduces 'Festival Therapy' at a Starting Price of Rs. 1

Festivals, recognized for their cultural importance and vibrant celebrations, often provide a unique respite in today’s digitized world. Recognizing this, TPV Technology has rolled out its ‘Festival Therapy’ campaign. This initiative allows customers to acquire select Philips Audio products at a down payment of just Rs. 1. The campaign is designed to enhance audio experiences during the festive season, valid from 1st October to 30th November 2023.

Key Highlights:

  • TPV Technology launches ‘Festival Therapy’ campaign for Philips Audio products.
  • Customers can make an initial payment of Rs. 1 for select products.
  • Offer valid from 1st October to 30th November 2023.
  • Balance payments can be done in easy installments.
  • Various Philips Audio products included in the campaign, from soundbars to party speakers.

Philips Introduces 'Festival Therapy' at a Starting Price of Rs. 1

Upon choosing from products like the Philips soundbar, party speaker, or Tower Speaker, customers only need to pay an upfront amount of Rs. 1. The remaining balance can be settled through convenient installment options.

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Philips Audio is at the core of the ‘Festival Therapy’ campaign. It promises an audio quality that accentuates every beat, note, and cheer, ensuring clarity and richness in sound.

During the campaign announcement, Mr. Atul Jasra, Country Head of TPV Technology India Pvt. Ltd., mentioned, “‘Festival Therapy’ is not just a campaign but an invitation to embrace the festive season. With the Rs. 1 down payment offer, we aim to provide our customers with a distinct audio experience. We’re optimistic about amplifying the festive spirit and plan to introduce more such promotions in the coming times.”

The Philips tower speaker SPA9120B offers a rich audio experience ideal for singing along. On the other hand, the Philips Soundbar TAB8967 enhances TV watching sessions with its precise audio output and stylish design, making it suitable for gatherings. Additionally, the Philips party speaker TAX5206 not only delivers powerful beats but also stands out as a statement piece, perfect for music aficionados.

The ‘Festival Therapy’ campaign covers various products from the Philips Audio Range, including soundbars, party speakers, and tower speakers. With this offer, customers have an opportunity to own these products by making a down payment of INR 1, followed by multiple EMI options. The offer is available across offline sales channels.

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