POE Build Guide: A Storm of Ice and Fire Build

The combination of ice and fire has been a common elemental theme in works of fiction. This includes video games which include Path of Exile, a game that lets you come up with character builds that combine the two. Among them, one of the most notorious and creative ones is the A Storm of Ice and Fire Elementalist build.

The Pros That Can Be Cons & Vice Versa

Before anything else, keep in mind that this isn’t a meta build. At least not anymore. If you check the original forum post, the last time it was updated was a year ago. With the many changes that have taken place in Wraeclast ever since then, it’s pretty obvious why it’s no longer meta. If it ever was, that is! After all, its creator intended it to be more of a mindlessly fun AoE build–in his own words, a meme build. So, no need to fork out a lot of PoE Currency for this one because it won’t burn your budget.

What defines this build is how much AoE spells it casts—to the point that there are times that it can make a game session crash. The creator even stated that it’s one of the build’s cons. Unless you’re one of those enthusiasts that like pushing your PC to its limit, then this is probably a pro for you. And if you’re quite the troll, you can bring this to PVP and shut down your enemies’ game sessions.

Aside from its huge AoE damage, it also has much healing, so you don’t have to worry about taking too much damage since you can just recover it anyway.


As the name suggests, this build is more fire-oriented as it works by having a 100% chance to Ignite–on the self. With the Eye of Innocence (unique amulet), you will be getting 100 fire damage. In turn, this will trigger your Cast When Damage Taken setup, allowing you to cast a particular spell as often as possible. Preferably, the build has more than one Cast When Damage Taken setup. It’s up to you which ones you’re going to use.

In the maker’s post, his choices are as follows:

  • AoE damage:
    • Ball Lightning with Spark, Concentrated Effect, and Efficacy (staff)
    • Firestorm with Increased Duration and Concentrated Effect (gloves)
    • Arc and Innervate
  • Buffs:
    • Herald of Ash, Blasphemy, Enfeeble, Herald of Ice, and Blade Vortex

Fire, Ice, and Utility

Other than the CWDT gem links, utility is also important.

The links are as follows:

  • Defense: Vaal Molten Shell with Fire Penetration, Controlled Destruction, and Combustion
  • Mobility: Flame Dash with Faster Casting and Arcane Surge

To make sure that you don’t die because of the amulet’s self-inflicted damage, have two Ngamahu’s Sign (unique rings). They grant 30% fire resistance–a whopping total of 60% since you’ll be equipping two–and chance to Ignite enemies, which will heal you with 30 life each time you do. Because of the reduced damage of the Eye of Innocence down to 27, you’ll be recovering a net 33 life. And because this is an AOE build, you’ll be hitting more enemies, which in turn will mean more chances for this feedback loop to continue.

The Other Half

So, if the accessories are the fire, the Whispering Ice, a unique staff, is the other half of the namesake. It grants level 1 Icestorm skill and a +1 level bonus on socketed support gems. The CWDT applies to the Icestorm skill, making the build live up to its moniker. This is an important part of the build, so if you don’t have one yet, you’ll have to resort to PoE farming or PoE trade for it. As for other gear (helm, gloves, and boots), have them with fire resistances, life, armor, increased cooldown, and spell/AoE/elemental damage.

Builds may be serious business, but they can also be fun at the same time once in a while, and no build fits that description better than the Storm of Fire and Ice Elementalist. So, give it a try and make your PC crash with the elements!

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