Home News Revolutionizing Health Monitoring: Pixel 8 Pro’s Thermometer App for Accurate Body Temperature

Revolutionizing Health Monitoring: Pixel 8 Pro’s Thermometer App for Accurate Body Temperature

Google has recently introduced a significant enhancement to the Pixel 8 Pro smartphone, equipping it with the capability to measure body temperature through its Thermometer app. This innovative feature marks a leap forward in integrating health monitoring tools into our daily tech gadgets.

Key Highlights:

  • The Pixel 8 Pro’s Thermometer app enables users to measure body temperature via a forehead scan.
  • The feature uses an infrared sensor and can save readings to the user’s Fitbit profile.
  • Originally designed for object temperature, the app now serves as a medical-grade tool for human temperature measurement.
  • Google’s initiative is part of a broader effort to incorporate health tools into Pixel phones.
  • The feature has received FDA clearance, ensuring its accuracy and reliability.



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Innovative Health Monitoring on Your Smartphone Google’s recent update to the Pixel 8 Pro introduces a unique function within its Thermometer app, allowing users to measure body temperature through a simple forehead scan. This feature, initially intended for measuring the temperature of objects like baby bottles or coffee, has evolved into a sophisticated health tool. Users can now utilize their smartphone for a quick health check, adding convenience and immediacy to personal health monitoring.

Accuracy and Technical Insights The Thermometer app operates by scanning the temporal artery, requiring the phone to be swept across the forehead to the temple for accurate readings. This method is reported to be more precise than traditional forehead thermometers. The process is designed to be contactless to avoid germ spread, utilizing the phone’s LDAF (laser detection autofocus) sensor to ensure the correct distance is maintained during measurement. The app calculates temperatures in the range of 96.9°F – 104°F (36.1°C – 40°C) to an accuracy of ±0.3°C, as validated by clinical trials.

FDA Approval and Reliability The feature has been granted FDA approval, ensuring its reliability and accuracy as a medical device. This approval makes the Pixel 8 Pro the first smartphone with an FDA-granted body temperature app, adding a significant layer of credibility to the technology. The Pixel 8 Pro’s Thermometer app represents a breakthrough in mobile health technology, offering a convenient, accurate way to measure body temperature. This development reflects Google’s ongoing efforts to integrate health tools into smartphones, making health monitoring more accessible and seamless for users. With FDA approval, users can trust the accuracy and reliability of this innovative feature, making it a valuable addition to the Pixel 8 Pro’s capabilities.

How It Works: Technical Innovations

  • Infrared Sensor Technology: The app employs an infrared sensor to measure body temperature. This technology is a leap from its initial use for measuring temperatures of objects to now providing accurate human body temperature readings.
  • Temporal Artery Scanning: The process involves scanning the temporal artery, from the center of the forehead to the temple, which is reported to provide more accurate readings than conventional forehead thermometers.
  • Contactless Operation: To prevent the spread of germs, Google designed this feature to be contactless. It uses the LDAF sensor to determine the proximity to the forehead before initiating a measurement, ensuring a safe distance is maintained.
  • Algorithmic Accuracy: The temperature is calculated within a range of 96.9°F – 104°F (36.1°C – 40°C) to an accuracy of ±0.3°C. This is comparable to medical-grade temporal artery thermometers and has been validated through clinical trials.

Implications for Healthcare and Technology Integration

  • Convenient Health Monitoring: The ability to measure body temperature using a smartphone simplifies health monitoring, particularly in situations where traditional thermometers are not readily available.
  • Potential for Early Disease Detection: Regular temperature checks can aid in early detection of fevers and potential illnesses, allowing for timely medical consultation.
  • Increased Health Awareness: The ease of access to this technology might encourage users to be more attentive to their health and the health of their loved ones.
  • Future Expansion: This innovation opens the door for future advancements in integrating more health monitoring tools into smartphones.
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