Samsung Extends Software Support for Older Galaxy Devices

Samsung Extends Software Support for Older Galaxy Devices
Samsung pledges four years of software support for Galaxy devices, including major Android updates and biannual security patches in the fourth year, enhancing device longevity.

Samsung has taken a significant step towards extending the lifecycle of its Galaxy smartphones and tablets by promising four years of software support. This groundbreaking commitment encompasses two or three major Android OS updates and additional security patches in the fourth year. High-end and enterprise models will receive monthly security patches, while mid-range and older flagships will get quarterly updates. After two years, the frequency of updates will decrease, and in the fourth year, devices will only receive biannual security patches. This policy applies to a broad range of devices, including models launched in 2017 and 2018, marking a notable improvement in support for older devices in the Android ecosystem​.

Similarly, Samsung’s commitment to software longevity is also highlighted by the recent update rolled out to the four-year-old Galaxy Tab S6. The tablet received a March 2023 security update in European countries, addressing over 50 security vulnerabilities without adding new features, sticking to its last major update on Android 12-based One UI 4.1.1​​.

This move may be partly motivated by other manufacturers, like Google, extending their update commitments in an effort to encourage longer phone ownership cycles. Samsung has already established a robust update policy, promising four years of security updates and three major Android OS upgrades for numerous Galaxy smartphones and tablets. This additional support for the Galaxy S20 highlights the potential for extending device lifespans and minimizing electronic waste.

These updates reflect Samsung’s ongoing efforts to improve the lifespan of its devices, aligning with user expectations for prolonged device usability. Previously, Samsung announced that starting from 2019, Galaxy products would receive at least four years of security updates, with enterprise devices getting up to five years of security patches. The Galaxy S22 series, Tab S8 range, and some older devices like the Galaxy S21 range and Z Fold 3 and Flip 3 are expected to receive four OS updates and five years of security patches, indicating Samsung’s robust commitment to supporting its devices longer than the industry standard​​.

This strategy not only enhances the value proposition of Samsung devices but also positions the brand as a leader in software support within the Android ecosystem, potentially setting a new benchmark for longevity in the market.

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