Samsung Galaxy Note 6 rumored release date and specs: Q3 2016 with 4K display

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will reportedly hit the market in August this year. Rumors floating around the Internet suggests the upcoming rumored Galaxy Note 6 by Samsung flaunts whopping 256GB storage alongside 6GB RAM and Force Touch. Being in the category of premium phones, Galaxy Note 6 is expected to feature impressive yet powerful hardware specifications.

Typically, Galaxy Note devices are released during the third quarter of a calendar year, and this trend is expected to be repeated with the Galaxy Note 6. To recall, the Galaxy Note 5 was released on August 13 along with the Galaxy S6 Edge+.

According to rumors, Samsung is expected to release both standard and curved display version of Galaxy Note 6 but will have same specifications. Moreover, Note 6 will most likely feature all-metallic build in addition to S-Pen stylus and a fingerprint sensor.

While Galaxy Note 5 featured a 5.7-inch display with a pixel density of 515ppi, the upcoming Note 6 will be equipped with a slightly higher 5.8-inch display with around 550ppi. As widely predicted, Samsung will integrate 4K resolution in Note 6.

Furthermore, Galaxy Note 6 units shipped to East Asian countries will have octa-core Exynos chipset. On the other hand, the retail units shipped to locations in the West will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon unit.

With Samsung dropping the microSD slot in Galaxy Note 5, it is likely to be reintroduced in Note 6 with 128GB of internal storage space available out-of-the-box. It is expected that the device will have the capability to expand the storage up to 300GB.

Coming to camera specifications, Samsung is slated to incorporate a 12-megapixel primary camera with BRITECELL technology, which enables you to capture great quality pictures in extremely low-light or darker conditions.

It is widely reported that Samsung has slashed the megapixels from the earlier 16-megapixels to accommodate the new camera technology. According to company officials, the upcoming Galaxy Note 6 will have the capability to capture better images than its previous counterpart.

While it’s too early to confirm, Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is expected to include 6GB of RAM with same battery capacity as the previous version. However, Samsung is reportedly working on a removable battery to go with Note 6 with a bleak possibility of a VR headset as an optional accessory.

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