Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Pre-Orders to start from 23rd August in the UK for £869, 24th in the US

Within the next couple of hours, we will be witnessing the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8; the much-awaited flagship that is coming after the Note7 Fiasco. In the mean time, we have gathered exclusive new information from our sources regarding the Galaxy Note 8 availability and pricing for the UK and US markets. According to our confirmed sources, the Galaxy Note 8 pre-order will go live on August 23rd in the UK and August 24th in the USA.

However, the device will be made available in the US offline stores on 15th September, and that might probably be the same date that it would be available in the main markets like the UK. Samsung has available been quick in shipping out their latest products and even this time; the company is following the same trend across the world. On the other hand, talking about the pricing, our sources claim that the Galaxy Note 8 is going be priced at £869 for the unlocked variant, while it will be available at around £60 per month on contract. The pricing of the Galaxy Note8 seems to be on the expensive side.

So, the folks at the USA starting from tomorrow, the Thursday, August 24th can pre-order the latest and the greatest from Samsung through AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint as well as smaller carriers like C Spire, Cricket Wireless, Straight Talk, US Cellular and Xfinity Mobile. Best Buy, Walmart, and Samsung offline store as well.

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