Samsung Galaxy S8 to feature Siri-like smart assistant named Bixby

Based on the leaked trademark filing, we can infer that Samsung will infuse a smart assistant powered by AI in both Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge. The leaked data reveals the classification code, application number, applicant, application date including the agent name.


Samsung reportedly filed an application on October 31 for the registration of the term Bixby. Based on the information available in the application, the brand will be used for computer software for personal information management” ,”computer application software for smartphones, mobile telephones, portable computers and tablet computers, Namely, software used to operate voice recognition system” and “computer software for enabling hands-free use of a mobile phone through voice recognition’.

It is clear and evident from the application that Bixby will be probably the new name for the Samsung’s intelligent assistant. With Microsoft and Google already launched their own smart assistants, Samsung is far behind this particular technology. It is essential for the smartphone giant to integrate an assistant to compete with others.

Recently, Samsung announced the acquisition of Viv Labs, which is an artificial intelligence startup founded by the people that created Siri. To recall, Viv Labs has created an open artificial intelligence platform, which enables third-party developers to develop smart assistants such as Siri. It also enables them to integrate a natural language-based interface in apps and services.

You can expect the integration of Bixby with all the premium flagship smartphones of Samsung from 2017 onwards.

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