Home News Samsung Launches ‘Education Hub’ App in Collaboration with Physics Wallah

Samsung Launches ‘Education Hub’ App in Collaboration with Physics Wallah

Samsung Launches 'Education Hub' App in Collaboration with Physics Wallah

Samsung, a major player in consumer electronics in India, today unveiled the ‘Samsung Education Hub’, an education-focused app for televisions, developed in collaboration with Physics Wallah, an online education platform. The app, compatible with Samsung TVs ranging from 32-inch to 98-inch screens and Samsung Smart Monitors, will roll out to models from 2020 onwards, including all 2024 models.

Key Highlights:

  • Samsung unveils ‘Samsung Education Hub’, an educational app for TVs, in partnership with Physics Wallah.
  • App available on Samsung TVs and Smart Monitors from 2020 models onwards, including all 2024 models.
  • Targets students from 6th to 12th grade and competitive exam aspirants, offering live and on-demand educational content.
  • Existing Physics Wallah subscribers and new users with Samsung TVs can access the service.
  • Features include a trial of ‘premium live courses’ and a 20% discount on selected course fees.
  • Enhances home learning experience with larger screen accessibility.
  • Part of Samsung’s effort to expand the utility of TVs beyond entertainment.

Samsung Launches 'Education Hub' App in Collaboration with Physics Wallah

The ‘Samsung Education Hub’ app represents a step forward in utilizing television as an educational tool, offering an alternative for online learning on larger screens. This move, facilitated by the exclusive partnership with Physics Wallah, aims to transform the way educational content is accessed at home.

The app caters to students from 6th to 12th grade under the CBSE Board, as well as aspirants of competitive exams like IIT and NEET. It provides access to live classes and a library of on-demand educational content. The service is available to current Physics Wallah subscribers with Samsung TVs and those interested in subscribing to the platform.

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Samsung TV and Smart Monitor users will have the opportunity to trial ‘premium live courses’ for up to two months at no cost. Furthermore, they will gain access to ‘Physics Wallah Khazaana Content’, a collection of premium lectures. There’s also a 20% discount on course fees for a selected ‘premium live course’.

Dipesh Shah, Head of India Consumer Experience Team at Samsung, commented, “With the Samsung Education Hub app, we aim to redefine the use of TV in homes, enhancing the online learning experience on larger screens. This initiative is part of our broader vision to facilitate unrestricted learning and easy access to knowledge.”

Abhishek Mishra, Chief Strategy Officer of Physics Wallah, added, “Our mission is to make education accessible through various mediums – including TVs. This partnership is a stride towards distributing quality content more widely, offering students a more immersive learning experience at home on larger screens, which can improve their understanding and retention of knowledge.”

In addition to the Education Hub, Samsung Smart TVs offer other premium services like cloud gaming and fitness programs, further diversifying the smart experiences available to modern consumers.

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