Samsung plans to manufacture Tizen smartphones in India

Despite not so encouraging reaction to Samsung’s first-ever consumer smartphone Samsung Z1 running on Tizen operating system that was released in India earlier this month, the Korean company is apparently planning on continuing the manufacturing of Tizen phones. The company reportedly wants to do so in India.

Samsung India Vice President of Marketing in Mobile and IT Asim Warsi told Press Trust of India that the Z1 will be manufactured in company’s Noida plant in UP. The Noida facility is capable of manufacturing over four million smartphones in a single month. Both affordable and high-end smartphones are manufactured in that plant.

Tizen is a lightweight operating system that Samsung has been developing for a few years. Some of its smartwatches are currently the only devices, besides Samsung Z1, that use Tizen operating system. Samsung delayed the launch of Samsung Z1 a number of times before finally releasing it in India this month. The smartphone is low-cost and aimed at first time smartphone users who want the features of a smartphone but can’t afford to or want to break the bank.

The Samsung Z1, which is powered by 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 768 MB or RAM, 4 GB internal memory and 4-inch display runs on 2.3 version of Tizen. The device also packs 3.1 MP rear camera and VGA front camera, which was criticized by a lot of users and reviewers. It was first shown at Tizen Developer Conference that took place last year in San Francisco.

Samsung worked with Intel and Huawei to develop the Tizen operating system. Previously, the Korean company had introduced Bada OS. But due to its lack of success, the company moved on and started working on Tizen. It still remains to be seen how customers on a massive scale react to the operating system when more and better smartphones are on the market running Tizen.

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