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Samsung unveils Galaxy AI feature list for older flagships: S23, Z Flip5 & more

Samsung has recently announced an exciting development for its Galaxy device lineup, particularly for users of its older flagship models. The tech giant is set to enrich its Galaxy S23, Z Flip5, and other select models with a suite of advanced AI features previously exclusive to its latest offerings. This move not only underscores Samsung’s commitment to enhancing user experience across its device ecosystem but also highlights the increasing role of AI in mobile technology.

Key Highlights:

  • AI Feature Rollout: Samsung is extending AI capabilities to older flagships, including the Galaxy S23 series and Z Flip5.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The update aims to improve functionality and user interaction through advanced AI.
  • Selected Models: The Galaxy S23, S23 FE, Z Fold 5, Z Flip 5, and potentially other devices will receive these updates.

Samsung galaxy s23 ultra

AI Features

Samsung’s decision to update its older flagships with AI features reflects the company’s strategy to provide a consistent and cutting-edge user experience across its devices. This approach not only maximizes the longevity and value of Samsung’s products but also positions the brand as a leader in integrating AI technology into consumer electronics.

Expanded AI Capabilities

The specific AI features being rolled out include enhancements in areas such as photography, communication, and device interaction. These updates are designed to streamline daily tasks, enhance productivity, and provide more personalized and intuitive user experiences. Samsung’s initiative to backport these features to older models ensures that more users can benefit from the latest technological advancements without needing to upgrade to the newest devices.

Comprehensive AI Integration

Samsung is focusing on a comprehensive integration of AI across various functionalities in devices such as the Galaxy S23, Z Flip5, and others. These enhancements are not limited to a single aspect of the device’s operation but span across photography, battery management, security, and user interface optimizations. For instance, AI-powered camera improvements could include better scene recognition and optimization, low-light photography enhancements, and advanced portrait modes. Battery management features may involve AI-driven predictions of user patterns to extend battery life without compromising on performance.

Personalized User Experience

A key aspect of Samsung’s AI update is the emphasis on personalization. AI features are being designed to learn from user behaviors, adapting device functionalities to suit individual needs and preferences. This could manifest in smarter app recommendations, more accurate predictive typing, and even customized energy-saving modes that align with the user’s daily habits.

Enhanced Security Features

With the integration of AI, Samsung is also expected to bolster the security features on its older flagships. This might include more sophisticated face recognition algorithms, improved anomaly detection to prevent unauthorized access, and smarter monitoring of app permissions to safeguard user data.


Samsung‘s rollout of AI features to older flagship models like the Galaxy S23 and Z Flip5 demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. By enhancing these devices with the latest AI capabilities, Samsung not only extends the lifespan of its products but also enriches the user experience, keeping its ecosystem at the forefront of mobile technology advancements. This strategic move is likely to reinforce Samsung’s position as a leading player in the competitive smartphone market, offering users across its device range access to cutting-edge technology and features.



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