Samsung’s Latest AI-Driven Neo QLED TV Range Launches in India, Elevating Home Entertainment to New Heights

Samsung Unveils Cutting-Edge AI Neo QLED TVs in India
Samsung introduces the new Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs in India, featuring AI enhancements and sustainable technology. Discover unparalleled visuals and smart TV features.

Samsung Electronics has launched its latest lineup of Neo QLED TVs in India, including the much-anticipated Neo QLED 8K and Neo QLED 4K models. This new range promises to redefine the home entertainment experience with advanced AI capabilities and cutting-edge display technology.

Unveiling the Future of Television

The launch event held at the Samsung Opera House in Bengaluru marked a significant milestone for Samsung. The company unveiled models varying in sizes from 50 inches to a massive 98 inches, catering to a diverse market. Samsung’s senior executives highlighted the superior image quality, enhanced connectivity, and the integration of eco-friendly technologies as key selling points​​.

Advanced Technology and Impressive Specs

Samsung’s 2023 Neo QLED TVs are equipped with Quantum Matrix Technology, which utilizes Mini-LEDs to provide more precise dimming control and enhanced contrast. These TVs boast up to 33 million pixels and promise to deliver a billion colors, ensuring an immersive viewing experience.

The TVs are powered by Samsung’s Neural Quantum Processor which supports 14-bit processing and AI upscaling, enhancing picture quality regardless of the original content’s resolution​​.

Pioneering Color Accuracy

A standout feature of the 2023 lineup is the world’s first Pantone-validated display, capable of reproducing 2,030 Pantone colors and 110 skin tone shades, which is crucial for professionals in design and photography who require accurate color representation​​.

Enhanced Gaming and Smart Features

For gamers, these TVs come with a suite of features like HDR10+ Gaming, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, and a 144Hz refresh rate on select models, making them a formidable choice for the gaming community​. The Samsung Gaming Hub also allows access to cloud gaming services, integrating gaming seamlessly into the living room.

Sustainability and Smart Integration

The 2023 Neo QLED range includes several sustainability initiatives such as using recycled materials and reducing the overall carbon footprint of the production processes. Additionally, the TVs feature an AI Energy Saving Mode to help reduce energy consumption​.

Pricing and Availability

The Neo QLED 8K models are priced starting at INR 3,14,990, and the 4K models start at INR 1,41,990. They are available for purchase across all major retailers and through Samsung’s official online store​.

Samsung has also introduced attractive launch offers, including free premium Samsung soundbars with select models, enhancing the value proposition for early buyers​​.

Samsung’s 2023 Neo QLED TV lineup not only advances the technology in the viewing experience but also integrates user-friendly features with an eye on sustainability and smart home integration. With these offerings, Samsung aims to solidify its leadership in the premium TV market segment in India, providing a compelling choice for consumers looking to upgrade their home entertainment systems.


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