Samsung’s Strategic Move Towards Premiumisation in India in 2024

Samsung's Strategic Move Towards Premiumisation in India in 2024
Discover how Samsung is driving growth in India with a focus on premiumisation, AI integration, and sustainable practices, enhancing the tech experience for consumers.

Samsung is set to continue its growth in India through a strategy that focuses on premiumisation across its range of products and services in 2024. This strategic pivot aims to cater to the evolving needs of Indian consumers who are increasingly looking for high-quality, innovative technology solutions.

Key Highlights:

  • Samsung unveiled its vision, “AI for All: Connectivity in the Age of AI,” at CES 2024, emphasizing the integration of AI into its product lineup to enhance user experiences.
  • The company has introduced innovative features like Microsoft Copilot in the Galaxy Book4 series for seamless connectivity between devices.
  • Spatial intelligence through SmartThings is being used to create more personalized home management experiences.
  • Samsung has ventured into automotive partnerships, notably with Hyundai Motor Group, to expand its SmartThings ecosystem into Home-to-Car services.
  • Commitments to security, privacy, and sustainable practices, including the use of recycled materials and AI for energy efficiency, underline Samsung’s forward-looking strategies.

Premiumization Pays Off

Samsung’s decision to focus on premium offerings stems from the lucrative opportunity this segment presents. According to industry reports, the Indian market has shown an increasing appetite for smartphones with higher price tags, reflecting a trend toward feature-rich, aspirational devices. In 2023, Samsung successfully secured the top position in the Indian smartphone market, thanks in part to this premiumization strategy.

“We see that this year again, with a focus on premiumisation, we will be able to drive the growth still further,” said Raju Pullan, Senior Vice President and Head of MX Business at Samsung India.

Furthermore, the company’s emphasis on spatial intelligence through SmartThings aims to enhance the relationship between users and their devices. By using AI and smart sensors, Samsung devices can understand the living space and routines of their users, offering personalized management of home environments. Innovations like the 3D Map View on smartphones and TVs, as well as SmartTag2 for pet tracking, are examples of Samsung’s efforts to integrate technology more deeply into daily life​.

5G at the Forefront

Beyond device features, Samsung’s growth hinges on India’s 5G rollout. The company boasts “one of the largest portfolios of 5G” smartphones in the country and aims to maintain that edge. As 5G networks proliferate, Samsung is strategically positioned to provide devices that fully leverage the enhanced connectivity.

Understanding the Indian Market

Samsung’s Indian market success is fueled by a deep understanding of evolving consumer preferences. The company recognizes the desire for greater processing power, superior camera capabilities, and longer-lasting batteries – all of which are primarily found in higher-end smartphone models.

Samsung’s strategic shift towards premiumisation in India is marked by its innovative use of AI and smart technologies to offer premium, connected experiences across its product range. This approach not only caters to the rising demand for high-quality, technologically advanced products among Indian consumers but also aligns with broader trends towards sustainability and interconnected living. By focusing on creating a seamless ecosystem of devices that offer enhanced functionality, personalized experiences, and sustainable options, Samsung is positioning itself as a leader in the tech industry, ready to meet the future needs of consumers in India and beyond.


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