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Seamless Global Communication: Samsung’s AI Live Translate Now on WhatsApp

Samsung's AI Live Translate Now on WhatsApp

Samsung’s innovative stride in mobile technology continues with its latest enhancement to the Galaxy S24 series. The renowned Live Translate feature, powered by on-device artificial intelligence (AI), is now integrated with WhatsApp, offering real-time language translation for both text messages and voice calls directly within the app. This update represents a significant leap in making seamless and private communication accessible worldwide, regardless of language barriers.

Unveiling the Technology

Samsung’s Galaxy AI, the technology behind Live Translate, has been developed through extensive research and collaboration among global teams. The AI model, trained on a vast array of languages, uses deep learning technology to provide accurate translations by considering linguistic nuances such as honorifics and cultural context. This ensures that communication remains respectful and contextually appropriate across different languages.

How It Works

Users can activate the Live Translate feature on their Galaxy S24 devices by tapping the Chat translation option within WhatsApp. This functionality automatically translates incoming and outgoing messages, allowing for a fluid conversation without the need for switching apps or using external translation tools. The feature supports a variety of languages and adapts to the user’s language preferences over time, further simplifying communication.

Enhancing User Experience

The integration of Live Translate with WhatsApp not only enhances user experience by providing a tool for effortless communication but also maintains the privacy and security of conversations. This is achieved through the on-device processing of translations, ensuring that no data is sent to external servers.

Functionality and Performance

Live Translate works by translating text messages in real time, allowing conversations between users speaking different languages. The feature is integrated in such a way that messages sent and received in WhatsApp are automatically translated into the user’s preferred language, without the need for switching apps or using external translation services. This is facilitated by sophisticated neural processing units (NPUs) within the Galaxy S24’s hardware, ensuring quick and efficient translation processes.

Industry Impact

Samsung’s advancement in integrating Live Translate with WhatsApp sets a new standard for real-time communication technology in the smartphone industry. It exemplifies how AI can be utilized to foster connectivity and understanding in a globally interconnected world.


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