Seqrite and M. Tech Solutions Join Forces to Enhance Cybersecurity in India

Seqrite and M. Tech Solutions Join Forces to Enhance Cybersecurity in India
Explore the strategic partnership between Seqrite and M. Tech Solutions, aimed at strengthening cybersecurity defenses for Indian enterprises and government bodies.

Seqrite, the enterprise-focused branch of Quick Heal Technologies Limited, has announced a partnership with M. Tech Solutions to distribute its cybersecurity solutions in India. This collaboration aims to extend Seqrite’s reach within the enterprise and government sectors, leveraging M. Tech’s established network and industry expertise.

Key Highlights:

  • M. Tech Solutions appointed as Value-Added Distributor for Seqrite in India.
  • Partnership aims to broaden Seqrite’s presence in enterprise and government sectors.
  • M. Tech’s vast network includes over 400 channel partners and 3,000 customers in India.
  • Seqrite’s suite includes advanced solutions like End Point Security, EDR, XDR, EMM, Zero Trust, and Data Privacy.
  • Collaboration expected to accelerate Seqrite’s market reach and business growth in India.

Expanding Cybersecurity Reach in India

The partnership between Seqrite and M. Tech Solutions marks a strategic move to expand the availability and implementation of advanced cybersecurity measures across Indian enterprises and government entities. M. Tech Solutions, known for its strong foothold in the cybersecurity and network performance landscape across the Asia Pacific, brings to the table a wide-reaching network of over 400 channel partners and the capacity to serve more than 3,000 customers in India.

Strategic Benefits and Goals

The collaboration is set to offer numerous benefits to both Seqrite and M. Tech Solutions, as well as their respective clienteles. Seqrite will leverage M. Tech’s distribution capabilities to enhance its market penetration, especially among key enterprise and government clients. M. Tech, in turn, will enrich its portfolio with Seqrite’s comprehensive security solutions, which align with the Cyber Security Management Act (CSMA), a unique proposition in India.

Industry Expert Reactions

Vishal Salvi, CEO of Quick Heal Technologies, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting M. Tech’s reputable track record in delivering high-quality cybersecurity solutions. Bhavin Bhatt, Managing Director of M. Tech Solutions in India, also praised Seqrite’s robust suite of security products and anticipated significant benefits for both partners and customers from this collaboration.

Forward-Looking Statements

The alliance is seen as a mutually beneficial move, poised to bolster the cybersecurity framework of Indian businesses and governmental bodies significantly. With a shared vision for securing digital infrastructure and ensuring a cyber-safe future for India, Seqrite and M. Tech Solutions are committed to setting new benchmarks in the cybersecurity domain.

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