SERA and Blue Origin Launch Global Space Access Initiative

SERA and Blue Origin Launch Global Space Access Initiative
SERA partners with Blue Origin to expand global access to space, enabling citizens from underrepresented nations to participate in a historic space mission.

The Space Exploration & Research Agency (SERA) has partnered with aerospace company Blue Origin to launch a human spaceflight program aimed at providing global citizens from historically underrepresented nations with the opportunity to travel to space. This initiative seeks to democratize space travel and foster international collaboration.

Key Highlights:

  • SERA and Blue Origin to reserve six seats for global citizens on an upcoming New Shepard mission.
  • Five seats allocated to nations with minimal or no history of space travel; one seat open to any nation.
  • The program will incorporate community-driven astronaut selection and science experiments.
  • SERA collaborates with national space agencies and research institutions to develop onboard science payloads.
  • Initiative builds on past success, highlighting Victor Hespanha’s journey as the second Brazilian in space.

Expanding Global Access to Space

Joshua Skurla, Co-Founder of SERA, emphasized the need for increased inclusivity in space missions, noting that nearly 150 countries have never been represented in space travel. He recounted the inspiring story of Victor Hespanha, whose participation in a previous mission sparked national interest in space exploration in Brazil. Skurla stated, “We aim to replicate this inspiration on a larger scale, making space accessible and exciting for all.”

Phil Joyce, Senior Vice President of the New Shepard Business Unit at Blue Origin, highlighted the importance of diversity in future space endeavors. He remarked, “Our future in space should mirror the diversity of Earth. This initiative takes a significant step towards achieving that goal by opening space to those who have traditionally been excluded from these extraordinary experiences.”

Addressing Historical Imbalances in Space Travel

Historically, space has been dominated by a few countries, both in terms of astronaut representation and infrastructure. Over 80% of astronauts have come from just three countries, which also hold the majority of space infrastructure. SERA was established to challenge this monopoly and foster a more inclusive global space community.

Sam Hutchison, Co-Founder of SERA, pointed out the untapped potential of space resources and the decreasing costs of space launches. He asserted, “It’s crucial that the benefits of space are accessible to everyone. As launch costs decrease, the opportunity for widespread participation in space economies becomes a tangible reality.”

For updates on the mission and how to participate, visit SERA’s official website.

This program not only offers a new frontier for international cooperation but also serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for future generations across the globe.

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