Silicon Labs Launches Advanced xG26 SoC Family

Silicon Labs Launches Advanced xG26 SoC Family
Discover the new xG26 family by Silicon Labs, offering enhanced IoT device performance with advanced security, connectivity, and AI capabilities.

Silicon Labs has introduced the xG26 family, a new range of Wireless SoCs and MCUs, featuring the MG26, BG26, and PG26 models. This launch aims to address the increasing requirements for more powerful Internet of Things (IoT) applications, such as Matter, by providing devices with significantly enhanced memory and processing capabilities.

Key Highlights:

  • The xG26 family includes models with doubled Flash and RAM capacity, enhancing device capability for advanced IoT applications.
  • Enhanced performance with ARM Cortex-M33 CPU, specialized cores for radio and security, and AI/ML hardware acceleration to improve efficiency and processing power.
  • Emphasis on security with features like Silicon Labs Secure Vault and ARM TrustZone.
  • Comprehensive connectivity options including Matter, Zigbee, OpenThread, and Bluetooth protocols, ensuring wide compatibility and improved device interaction.
  • Focus on energy efficiency and better user experience through optimized hardware design.

Increased Performance and Capacity

The xG26 series builds on Silicon Labs’ previous generations by offering double the Flash, RAM, and general-purpose input/output (GPIO) capacity compared to the xG24 models. This advancement allows for more complex applications and better integration of peripheral devices. The inclusion of a multicore ARM Cortex-M33 CPU and dedicated cores for radio and security subsystems help streamline operations, freeing the main core for specific customer applications.

Leading the Way in IoT Security and Connectivity

The new family is designed with a focus on high-level security and connectivity standards. The integrated Secure Vault technology and ARM TrustZone provide robust security features, essential for the evolving demands of IoT security. For connectivity, the xG26 devices support a broad range of protocols, including Matter, Zigbee, and Bluetooth, ensuring that they can serve a wide array of IoT applications and enhance interoperability among different devices.

Energy Efficiency and Machine Learning Capabilities

To address the growing demand for AI and machine learning in IoT, the xG26 family incorporates Silicon Labs’ Matrix Vector AI/ML hardware accelerator, which allows for up to 8x faster processing of machine learning algorithms while consuming significantly less power. This feature not only enhances the intelligence and responsiveness of IoT devices but also contributes to longer battery life, which is crucial for consumer devices such as home sensors and switches.


The launch of the xG26 family marks a significant step for Silicon Labs in reinforcing its position in the IoT market. By providing advanced capabilities and focusing on critical areas like security, connectivity, and power efficiency, Silicon Labs aims to meet the current and future needs of IoT device developers and consumers.

To explore development opportunities with the new xG26 family or to participate in upcoming tech talks, interested parties are encouraged to visit the Silicon Labs website for more details.

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