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Single Cracks on iPhones and Apple Watches No Longer Covered Under Apple’s Standard Warranty

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Apple has recently updated its warranty policies, and customers should be aware that single cracks on the screens of iPhones and Apple Watches are no longer covered under the standard Apple warranty. This change indicates a shift in how Apple handles minor accidental damage to its devices.

What the Warranty Still Covers

Apple’s one-year limited warranty typically covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. This includes issues like battery malfunctions and certain types of hardware failures that are due to manufacturing defects​​.

The Significance of AppleCare+

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For those seeking additional protection, AppleCare+ remains an essential upgrade. AppleCare+ extends the coverage on your Apple devices, including iPhones and Apple Watches, adding two key benefits: extended warranty and accidental damage coverage. Under AppleCare+, incidents of accidental damage, such as drops or liquid exposure, are covered, each subject to a service fee depending on the device​.

Cost Implications of Screen Repairs

For users without AppleCare+, needing a screen repair due to a single crack will now result in out-of-pocket expenses. Apple’s standard warranty terms exclude accidental damage, which encompasses cracked screens resulting from drops or similar impacts​​.

Why This Matters

This policy adjustment may affect consumers’ decisions on whether to purchase AppleCare+ when buying new Apple devices. Given that the cost of a single screen repair can be considerable, the investment in AppleCare+ might be justified by the potential savings in the event of accidental damage.

Advice for Consumers

For those owning or planning to purchase an iPhone or Apple Watch, understanding the nuances of what your warranty covers is crucial. Reviewing the terms and considering additional coverage options like AppleCare+ could save significant costs and hassle in the event of accidental damage. Apple offers various plans tailored to different needs and budgets, which can be reviewed and purchased either at the time of buying the device or shortly after​.

Making Informed Decisions

When purchasing a new iPhone or Apple Watch, buyers should consider their usage habits, potential risks, and the environments in which they’ll use their devices. For those prone to accidents or frequently using their devices in risky situations, investing in AppleCare+ could provide peace of mind and financial benefits in the long run.

Apple’s warranty update is a reminder of the importance of carefully considering the terms of product warranties. As devices become increasingly central to daily life, understanding these details can help consumers make informed decisions about their purchases and protection options.

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