Home News Siri to Get ChatGPT-like Features in iOS 18 Update

Siri to Get ChatGPT-like Features in iOS 18 Update

Siri to Get ChatGPT-like Features in iOS 18 Update

Apple is reportedly gearing up for a significant upgrade to Siri with the release of iOS 18, which is expected to be announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2024. The upgrade will integrate generative AI capabilities similar to those found in OpenAI’s ChatGPT, aiming to improve Siri’s functionality and user experience.

Integration of ChatGPT Technology

According to sources, Apple is finalizing an agreement with OpenAI to incorporate ChatGPT features into Siri. This integration is part of a broader push by Apple to enhance its AI capabilities across its software ecosystem. The deal would enable Siri to handle more complex conversational interactions, providing users with a more intelligent and responsive virtual assistant​​.

AI-Powered Features

The upcoming iOS 18 is expected to leverage Apple’s own AI models alongside OpenAI’s technology. This includes Apple’s internally developed large language model (LLM), dubbed AppleGPT. The focus is on on-device processing, which aims to enhance speed and maintain user privacy by minimizing the reliance on remote servers. This approach aligns with Apple’s longstanding commitment to user privacy and data security​​.

Enhanced Functionality

With these enhancements, Siri is set to become more useful in various applications. For instance, Apple Music might feature auto-generated playlists, while productivity apps like Keynote and Pages could see AI-driven content generation features. Moreover, AppleCare could incorporate generative AI to provide more efficient and personalized customer support​ ​.

Expected Announcement

Apple is anticipated to reveal these advancements during the WWDC 2024, scheduled from June 10-14. The conference is expected to showcase iOS 18 along with other software updates such as macOS 15, iPadOS 18, and watchOS 11. The focus this year will be predominantly on AI innovations, with Siri’s upgrade being a highlight​​.

Implications and Future Prospects

The integration of generative AI into Siri is seen as a necessary step for Apple to remain competitive in the rapidly evolving AI landscape. By incorporating advanced AI capabilities, Apple aims to provide a more robust and versatile virtual assistant that can meet the growing expectations of users. This move also reflects Apple’s strategy to ensure that its AI developments align with its core values of privacy and security​.

The anticipated upgrade to Siri in iOS 18 marks a significant milestone for Apple in its AI journey. By integrating ChatGPT-like capabilities, Apple is set to enhance Siri’s performance, making it a more integral and efficient tool for users. As we approach WWDC 2024, all eyes will be on Apple to see how these new features will be implemented and what additional AI innovations will be unveiled.


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