SmartNode Launches New Smart Home Products in India

SmartNode Launches New Smart Home Products in India
Discover SmartNode's latest range of smart home automation products enhancing home convenience and efficiency.

SmartNode, a leading home automation brand in India, has introduced a new range of products aimed at improving the functionality and convenience of modern homes. The latest offerings include a central control unit, advanced lighting gateways, a curtain motor, customizable keypads, and various dimmers.

Key Highlights:

  • Launch of HomeLink Screen Panel, a central control unit for managing home automation.
  • Introduction of both wired (KNX) and wireless lighting solutions including KNX DALI Gateway with Wi-Fi.
  • New ultra-quiet curtain motor for enhanced home functionality and energy efficiency.
  • Customizable keypads and innovative dimming solutions to optimize home ambiance.

Detailed Overview of New Products

The newly unveiled lineup features the HomeLink Screen Panel, which serves as the hub for controlling all aspects of a home’s automation systems via a user-friendly interface. This central control unit simplifies the management of various home automation features, making it a cornerstone of SmartNode’s new range.

The lighting solutions introduced include the KNX DALI Gateway with Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi DALI Gateway, which allow homeowners to control their lighting systems remotely through the SmartNode app. These products offer flexibility and increased control over home lighting systems, supporting both wired and wireless connectivity.

Enhanced Home Functionality

The Curtain Motor by SmartNode introduces a quiet operation with real-time position and status updates, providing users with precise control over their home curtains. This addition aims to boost both the functionality and energy efficiency of homes.

Additionally, the customizable keypads by SmartNode allow users to perform multiple home automation tasks with just a single touch, tailored to their individual preferences and requirements.

Insights from SmartNode

A spokesperson from SmartNode shared, “With our new range of products, we are excited to continue our tradition of innovation in the smart home space. Our goal is to enhance the living experience in modern homes, focusing on convenience, comfort, and efficiency.”


SmartNode’s latest product release represents a significant step forward in home automation, providing homeowners with advanced tools to enhance their daily lives. These innovations underscore SmartNode’s commitment to leading the industry and improving user experience through technology.

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