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Sonos Set to Announce Wireless Headphones: What to Expect


Sonos, the renowned audio company, is expected to announce its first pair of wireless headphones, the Sonos Ace, tomorrow. This move marks Sonos’ entry into a highly competitive market dominated by brands like Sony, Bose, and Apple. The upcoming announcement has generated significant buzz, with several leaks and rumors providing insights into the headphones’ features and pricing.

Design and Features

The Sonos Ace headphones are anticipated to have a design that combines elements of the Sony WH-1000XM5 and Apple AirPods Max. The leaked images reveal a sleek, over-ear design with metal adjustable stems and physical buttons on the earcups, including a toggle switch likely for power and pairing​​. They will come in a protective case with both USB-C and 3.5mm cables, suggesting support for both wired and wireless audio​.

One of the standout features of the Sonos Ace headphones is their deep integration with the Sonos ecosystem. Users will be able to seamlessly switch between listening on their Sonos soundbars and their headphones, allowing for an immersive audio experience both at home and on the go. This functionality is enabled by a feature called Sonos Swap, which transfers playback from the headphones to a home audio system when you return home​.

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Audio Quality and Connectivity

The Sonos Ace is expected to deliver high-quality audio, including lossless playback via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This feature is particularly significant, as it allows for 24-bit/192kHz lossless audio streaming directly from the internet, bypassing the need for an intermediary Bluetooth device. Additionally, the headphones will support active noise cancellation (ANC) and transparency modes, enhancing the listening experience in various environments​.

Pricing and Availability

The Sonos Ace headphones are rumored to be priced at around $450, positioning them competitively against premium models like the Sony WH-1000XM5 and Apple AirPods Max. European pricing has been spotted at approximately €403.58, which aligns with the US pricing estimates​.

While an official release date has not been confirmed, leaks suggest that the announcement could come as soon as tomorrow, with availability potentially in early June​​.

Market Impact

Sonos’ entry into the headphone market represents a strategic expansion into a new multi-billion dollar category. The company’s reputation for high-quality audio products and innovative features sets high expectations for the Ace headphones. If the integration with existing Sonos products and the quality of the audio performance meet the hype, the Sonos Ace could be a strong contender in the premium wireless headphones market​​.

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