Sony India Unveils CGI Campaign for Holi with XV800 Party Speaker

Sony India Unveils CGI Campaign for Holi with XV800 Party Speaker
Discover Sony India's latest CGI campaign for Holi featuring the XV800 party speaker, designed to enhance your celebrations with superior sound quality.

Sony India has launched a new Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) campaign featuring the XV800 party speaker, just in time for the Holi festival. The campaign aims to showcase the speaker’s ability to enhance celebrations with its superior sound quality and features.

Campaign Highlights:

  • Launch of a CGI campaign by Sony India for Holi.
  • Features the XV800 party speaker as a central element.
  • Aims to increase product awareness and showcase its features.
  • The campaign video is available across Sony India‚Äôs social platforms.

Sony’s New Marketing Initiative

The campaign, launched on 21st March 2024, presents the XV800 in a dynamic manner, emphasizing its role in elevating any party or gathering. Yugo Omura, Head of Brand Activation at Sony India, highlighted the campaign’s aim to engage audiences with memorable content and to strengthen the connection between Sony’s technological innovations and its market presence. The XV800, designed with features that cater specifically to the Indian market, such as exceptional bass and omni-directional sound, is showcased as an ideal choice for music lovers and party-goers.

Collaboration and Creativity

In collaboration with Interactive Avenues, the digital arm of IPG Mediabrands India, the campaign targets music enthusiasts across India. Abbhishek Chadha, EVP – North & East, Interactive Avenues, noted the effort to combine technology and creative vision to create a new-age experience for the digital audience. The campaign’s visual elements are designed to resonate with viewers, featuring the XV800 amidst a vibrant cityscape transforming into a lively celebration.

Expanding Reach

The campaign video has been disseminated across various Sony India social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and X, showcasing the speaker’s capabilities within an animated, energetic setting. This strategic approach aims to connect with a wide audience, particularly those with an interest in music and live events.

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