Spotify May Soon Level Up Audio Quality with Anticipated ‘Supremium’ Plan

Spotify May Soon Level Up Audio Quality with Anticipated 'Supremium' Plan

Spotify, a dominant player in the music streaming sector, is poised to enhance its service with a new add-on called ‘Supremium,’ targeting audiophiles with high fidelity (HiFi) audio. This move appears to be a direct response to the existing lossless audio offerings by Apple Music and other competitors.

Spotify’s current highest audio quality peaks at 320 kbps, which falls short for those with discerning ears. In contrast, platforms like Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon Music offer up to 24-bit/192 kHz audio quality, setting a higher bar that Spotify aims to meet with its upcoming Supremium plan. This plan is not just about enhancing audio quality but is also rumored to include a suite of additional features such as advanced playlist mixing tools, AI-driven playlist generation, listening statistics, and a significant amount of audiobook content​.

The introduction of ‘Supremium’ is a strategic step for Spotify as it tries to keep its edge in the highly competitive streaming market, where features like Apple Music’s AI DJ and personalization tactics are increasingly popular. Spotify’s own AI DJ feature, which provides personalized music curation with vocal commentary, has proven to be a hit and will likely be an integral part of the new HiFi experience​​.

While Spotify has announced the feature, the exact release date remains uncertain, with speculations suggesting it could be launched anytime from now as we approach the end of the year​​. The expected cost for this premium service is around $19.99 per month, almost double the standard premium price, which might raise concerns about its value among users​​.

This move by Spotify could potentially shift user expectations and market dynamics in the streaming industry, especially among users who prioritize audio quality and innovative features. As Spotify continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how this new offering impacts its subscriber growth and overall market standing.


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