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Starfield Shattered Space DLC: An In-depth Look at the Upcoming Expansion


Bethesda has announced the upcoming DLC for its acclaimed space RPG, Starfield, titled “Shattered Space”. Set to release in Fall 2024, the expansion promises to enrich the gaming experience with new storylines, locations, and enhanced gameplay mechanics​.

First Glimpse and Features

During the Xbox Games Showcase 2024, Bethesda unveiled the first gameplay trailer for Shattered Space, providing fans with a sneak peek into what the expansion will offer. The DLC is set on Darza, the homeworld of the enigmatic House Va’ruun, characterized by its cosmic horror elements. Players will encounter grotesque locations and unimaginable horrors, exploring a world of fractured hills and mysterious cultic practices​.

What to Expect in Shattered Space

The Shattered Space expansion will introduce a variety of new environments, adding to the already extensive list of over 1,000 planets in the base game. The expansion promises new story content, exploring the origins and current plight of House Va’ruun, known for their military prowess and religious zeal. This narrative is likely to delve deeper into the faction’s lore, offering rich, narrative-driven content that expands the Starfield universe​​.

Moreover, Bethesda has hinted at significant updates in city maps and shipbuilding functionalities, which were part of the most requested improvements by the community. These enhancements are set to roll out close to the DLC’s release, ensuring a more immersive experience for players.

Acquisition and Future Expansions

Players can acquire the Shattered Space DLC through the Premium or Constellation editions of Starfield, which includes the cost of the DLC. It is also available for separate purchase, and while specific pricing details remain unconfirmed, it is expected to be around the $30 mark.

Bethesda has also hinted at more content following Shattered Space, indicating a strategy to release multiple DLCs over time, similar to their approach with previous titles like Fallout 4 and Skyrim​.

Starfield’s Shattered Space DLC represents an ambitious addition to one of Bethesda’s most expansive universes. With its blend of cosmic horror and deep lore, coupled with gameplay improvements, Shattered Space is poised to offer a fulfilling continuation of the Starfield saga. Fans of the franchise and newcomers alike have much to look forward to later this year.


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