Study shows users access random pen-drives on computers overlooking risk

A study conducted at a university campus indicates that people are willing to plug-in random or unknown USB sticks into their computing systems. The action leaves them open to threats from malware and other system infections.

In the study, it was noticed that 48% of the people at the university picked up and connected USB devices that were strewn around the campus. 297 USB sticks were strewn around the campus’s environment to test the number of people willing claiming a USB drive of unknown origin.

Bruce Schneier, an American cryptographer and computer security specialist says that people find USB sticks lying around all the time. It is true that one should know when it is safe to accept a thumb drive and plug it into your computer.

Part of the problem also lies in the Operating Platform on the computing device. The platform readily trusts all USB devices and once plugged in, the computer automatically runs a software, which allows the drive to install malware or worms on your system.

Such threats aren’t only posed from unknown USB drives. You should ensure that the drives passed on to you by your friends and acquaintances are clean of infections too. It is not uncommon to be passed on an infected drive when harmlessly exchanging files among your friend’s circle too.

It pays off to be careful with your computing systems as having an infection can be a nightmare, especially when the whole affair costs you all of your important data.

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