Survey Shows Mothers Prefer Robotic Cleaners for Household Tasks

Survey Shows Mothers Prefer Robotic Cleaners for Household Tasks
Discover how modern mothers are turning to robotic cleaners to manage household chores efficiently, as revealed in Milagrow's latest trend report.

In a recent trend report released by Milagrow Humantech, a significant shift has been noted in the approach modern mothers take towards household cleaning. As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s clear that robotic floor cleaners are becoming a favored choice to help manage the dual pressures of work and home life efficiently.

Key Highlights

  • A significant 80% of mothers prefer using robotic cleaners to save time and enhance cleanliness.
  • The demand for these devices spikes during peak seasons like monsoons and holidays.
  • Urban mothers, particularly from cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Mumbai, are the leading adopters.

Increasing Demand for Smart Cleaning Solutions

According to the data gathered from 10,000 individuals, there is a noticeable rise in the adoption of smart cleaning technologies, especially robotic floor cleaners. These devices are not just popular but are considered essential by 80% of mothers who strive to find a balance between their professional responsibilities and maintaining a clean home.

Amit Gupta, Vice President at Milagrow, commented on the findings, stating, “The data highlights a crucial trend towards automation in household cleaning among mothers, driven by the need to efficiently manage their time and responsibilities.”

Seasonal Trends in Smart Cleaning

The report further reveals that inquiries for robotic floor mops surge by 500% during the monsoon and festive seasons, indicating a strong preference for maintaining hygiene during these periods. This trend is particularly pronounced in major urban centers where time-saving solutions are in high demand.

Regional Adoption and Preferences

The analysis indicates that major cities across India are leading in the engagement with smart cleaning solutions. Southern states, followed by the North and West regions, show significant sales, suggesting a correlation between urbanization and the adoption of these technologies.

Mothers prioritize features such as powerful suction, long battery life, and safety features like obstacle detection and child-lock mechanisms in these cleaning devices, emphasizing the importance of both effectiveness and safety in their choices.


The Milagrow trend report clearly illustrates the evolving preferences of modern mothers towards household cleaning. Robotic floor cleaners are not just gadgets but are becoming integral to managing home environments more effectively, proving especially valuable during busy periods and holidays like Mother’s Day. This shift towards automated solutions highlights a broader trend of embracing technology to improve quality of life and efficiency at home.

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