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Monday, May 29, 2017

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MIT scientists’ new technology 3D prints human hair-like bristles

A group of scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has built a new software that can print thousands of hair-like structure within a very short span of time. This step took hours to compute and was considered off limits as it required dense...

Doctors save toddler’s life using 3D Printing technology in China

Chinese doctors have successfully performed an open heart surgery on a nine-month old baby using a 3D printed heart. The surgery took place in the northeast Jilin Province and the beneficiary was a young boy who was just three months shy of a year old...

Researchers develop 3D-Printed Nanowalls to improve touchscreen experience

3D-Printed Nanowalls for Touchscreen
A team of researchers at the ETH University in Zurich, Switzerland, have figured out how to build a material that could enhance display and touch quality in smartphones and tablets. Presently, touchscreen displays are made up of Indium tin oxide. So, to offer better...

3D-Printed ceramics will possibly help building hypersonic planes: Researchers

Ceramics 3D Printing Pc Tablet Media
Researchers have found that using 3D printing technology; flawlessly durable ceramics can be created in different shapes, including honeycombs and spirals. They further added that these materials can be used in microscopic devices and hypersonic aircraft. Ceramics are very useful and are known for their...

NASA selects 3D printed Mars Habitat Challange finalists, First prize goes to Mars Ice House

NASA 3D printed Mars Habitat Challange
The 3D Printed Mars Habitat Challenge organized by NASA results are out. There were more than 165 submissions that were then narrowed to 30 best entries. The first-place award of $25,000 went to Team Space Exploration Architecture and Clouds Architecture Office for their design,...

NASA engineers develop first 3D printed copper rocket engine part

NASA – The engineers at NASA have printed the first ever-3D copper part of the rocket engine to operate pressures and temperatures. Termed as Combustion chamber liner it has been developed with additive manufacturing. According to the associate administrator for NASA's Space Technology Mission Directorate,...

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