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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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Modi-Obama Meeting: US to build six Nuclear Power Reactors in Andhra Pradesh

Nuclear plant
In a significant development, India and United States have agreed in principle to officially start engineering and site design work for the establishment of six AP1000 nuclear power plant reactors in Andhra Pradesh, India. Even though the deal was signed by the Nuclear Power Corporation...

President Obama to revamp U.S. Cybersecurity, unveils $19 billion plan

In a major reshuffle to tackle the security of computer networks, President Barack Obama during recent 'Safer Internet Day' unveiled new cybersecurity national action plan amounting to $19 billion, which calls for an immediate overhaul of aging government networks. Moreover, Obama also set up...

2015 will be recalled as a watershed year for climate change: Experts

climate change
The Paris Climate has been hailed as a landmark agreement. However, it can be safely said that it has not saved the planet yet, but it has saved a chance to save the world from the apocalypse. It needs to be seen if the...

Barack Obama to present National Medal of Science to Indo-US scientist Dr. Rakesh K. Jain

Indo-US scientist Dr. Rakesh K. Jain
Indian-American Professor Dr. Rakesh K Jain along with 16 other scientists, engineers, innovators and mathematicians will be receiving the prestigious National Medals of Science and Technology and Innovation from US President Barack Obama on 22nd January. Dr. Rakesh K Jain is an alumnus from the...

US President Barack Obama praises Indo-American kid on White House Astronomy Night

Pranav Sivakumar on White House Astronomy Night
Washington: American President, Barack Obama, has praised an Indian-American astronomy enthusiast, Pranav Sivakumar, who has the honor of being the first individual to be a global finalist in Google Science Fair twice. Sivakumar, who is just 15 years of age, took part in the White...

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