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Texting can alter brain function: Study

Well, there has been some research done in the past to show that technologies do have an effect on the human mind. So to prove how the smartphone is altering with our brain a group of researcher led by neurologist William Tatum at the...

World’s first brain-controlled car being developed by Chinese researchers in Tianjin

first brain-controlled car
Researchers at Nankai University in Tianjin, a port city in the north-eastern China, have developed a unique car which propels itself on nothing but brain power. After two years of a grueling research, the first mind-controlled vehicle ever is capable of moving forward and...

Giant dinosaur had tennis ball-sized brain, says scientists

Titanosaurus dinosaur
UK scientists say a giant dinosaur of gargantuan proportions that lived about 72 billion years ago had a brain just 6.3 cm big. The skull that is of a titanosaur was unearthed from a construction site in eastern Spain in 2007. Scientists opine that...

NASA studying impact of zero-gravity on astronauts brain structure and functionality

Zero-Gravity Effect on Brain
NASA-backed researchers are examining brain structures as well as functions of the astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS). This is with an aim to comprehend how brain alters in space and ways to handle those changes. Astronauts have had issues with balance as well...

Researchers finally have answer of why our mind hates tough grammar

Swiss researchers found out that often brain has to cope with difficult constructions of sentences as the grammar evolves. It simplifies them over time. They also found out that Grammar continues to reorganize itself in major world languages. To hammer home the point, the...

Researchers perfect a new technique to map Human Brain in detail

A new revolutionary technology named Electron Microscopy has been perfected by researchers at a Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne that can map the human brain in detail without changing the architecture of the brain. Electron microscopy is the only imaging technique that can...

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