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Tag: Cancer

Latest study linking mobile phones usage to cancer is not completely accurate

smartphone cancer
A recent study has found out a link between mobile phones and cancer, which has raised alarm among the readers who believed it to be true. But when one goes into the detailed finding of the study, it reveals something else altogether. First, we need...

Smartphone Microscopes can detect Skin Cancer, claims UTHealth scientists

As per a new study, smartphone based microscopes can be utilized to diagnose skin cancer where a conventional microscope is not accessible. Researchers at The University of Texas Health Science Centre at Houston (UTHealth) opined that smartphone microscopes could enhance the detection of skin...

Novartis: Latest Lymphoma study shows CART on track for 2017 U.S. Submission

Swiss drug maker, Novartis said that findings from a study of the latest therapy regimen for two kinds of leukemia were in league with earlier results. It is seen as a fillip for Novartis which is seeking a 2017 US regulatory submission. Novartis is in...

1,300 years old rare Chinese Yew tree of great medicinal use discovered in Central China

Chinese Yew tree discovered in Central China
Scientists have discovered an endangered tree species whose existence predates more than 1,300 years ago. The tree species scientifically named Taxus Chinensis was discovered during a census in Hunan Province in Central China. Officials reported that the plant commonly known as the Chinese Yew exists...

Excessive TV viewing can increase chances of fatal diseases

Excessive TV viewing
Watching excessive TV has its drawbacks, and this fact has been known for some time now. A new study that has been published online in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine has found that excessive watching of Television has been linked with developing a...

Indian scientists unravel genome of the holy Tulsi plant

holy Tulsi plant
Indian scientists have made an interesting breakthrough towards understanding the medicinal value of the famous Tulsi herb. The scientists have discovered some 40 special chemicals in the plant, among them Ursolic acid, which they say have therapeutic importance. Although the study of Tulsi is...

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