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WhatsApp end-to-end encryption: Things you need to know

WhatsApp end-to-end encryption has gained a lot of attention from users as well the government. Recently a petition was filed by a WhatsApp user to ban its use. However, the request was turned down and the app is running successfully in India. Recently, many other companies...

Cybersecurity to create 1 million jobs and $35 billion revenue, says Nasscom

The world of cybersecurity is going to create one million jobs, according to the latest report by Nasscom. In a statement released recently by the India's top IT industry body, increasing cyber-attacks followed by data protection efforts globally are expected to fetch $35 billion...

Anonymous hacker revealed list of 20000 FBI agents, 9000 DHS officers

An anonymous hacker recently revealed a list of nearly 20,000 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents and 9,000 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officers. With the link to the access URL posted on an encrypted text-sharing website along with the password beginning with '#',...

Security researcher develops LostPass tool to exploit LastPass password manager

Security researcher Sean Cassidy discovered a phishing attack (LostPass) at ShmooCon 2016, which enables spoofing notifications displayed by LastPass version 4.0 in the web browser wherein users get tricked to divulge their login credentials as well as OTP. He also added that an email notification...

Tech companies in China need to hand over encryption keys, as per the new law

China Counter Terrorism Law Pc-Tablet Media
The Chinese parliament has passed a controversial anti-terrorism legislation that requires technology companies to hand over confidential information including encryption keys. However, the details need to be given only to requests from the Government. According to Technology analysts, the new law is aimed at curbing the...

Beware of cyber criminals on LinkedIn, warns security expert Symantec

Beware of cyber criminals on LinkedIn
With more than 400 million users spread around the globe, LinkedIn is like a happy-hunting-ground for cyber criminals. Professionals drawn from a wide gamut of industries use this platform to connect and network with each other. It is now becoming a prime target for...

Symantec Corporation to double cyber security experts at Chennai SOC, invests $50 million

Symantec Corporation to double cyber security experts at Chennai SOC
An American technology company, Symantec Corporation announced that it will invest more than $50 million to double the number of cyber security experts and professional at its Chennai Security Operations Centre (SOC) to more than 200 employees over the next year, citing a crucial...

India’s rising economic clout and plans to Digitise attracting cybercrime hacker, says report

Cyber Crime India
India’s increasing economic clout and its ambitious plans to Digitise makes it an attractive target for cybercrime hackers and terror groups. Advanced Threat Report for Asia Pacific, a Regional Advanced Threat Report by security solutions firm - FireEye's '1H 2015 has said that India...

Pakistani hacker hacks Kerala Government official website, Indian hacker retaliate by hacking 100 Pakistani sites

Kerala Government hacked by Pakistani hackers
Nefarious tactics adopted by Pakistan has surfaced again. Cyber attackers suspected to be from Pakistan hacked the official website of the Government of Kerala - www.kerala.gov.in on Saturday late night. Early reports suggest the hackers failed to get past the homepage of the website, keeping...

Apple finds malicious code in some App Store products including WeChat

Apple malicious code in App Store
In an unprecedented event, the Cupertino giant, Apple (APPL) for the first time confessed that its App Store which hosts useful applications for both, desktop and mobile platforms was hacked following reports from various cyber security firms. Malicious Code in Apple Store Products How the malware...

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