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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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Facebook Aquila internet drone run by solar energy tested, to take on Project Loon

Facebook Aquila drone
Facebook’s brand new drone has successfully finished the first test flight. Facebook Aquila drone, which runs on solar energy, is aimed to spread internet access to each and every place on the Earth. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook has announced the news through a...

Xiaomi drone to be launched on May 25

The fast-growing Chinese company Xiaomi is widening its base beyond Smartphone and is going to launch its Quadcopter. The quadcopter (Drone) will be launched on May 25th, 2016. Xiaomi said on Friday that it is all set to enter the increasingly competitive market of drones...

Drones to rein man-animal dispute around reserved forest areas

Drones in forests
Drone technology is fast finding use in almost every sector including security, search and rescue, surveillance, law and order, etc. The latest use of drone technology is as a tool in the man-animal conflict in and around forest areas. Man and animals are always at...

Facebook to test giant drone to provide Internet service

Facebook Internet Drone
Facebook is getting ready to test its giant Internet Drone to provide Internet services. The Internet Drone will be powered by solar energy and will fly at high altitudes for up to three months. The drone will use lasers to send Internet signals. Facebook intends...

Dino Drone! Paleontologists make use of modern technology to find hidden dinosaur footprints

Paleontologists from the University of Queensland have recently found dinosaur footprints engraved in rocks near the Kimberly coast. They are taking assistance from a low-flying drone to get a bird’s eye view of the prints. The prints are thought to have been formed about...

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